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CA Students must be doing last minute revision for their Nov,16 exams. As usual, they now feel the time will be very short in comparison to the revisions they have to do. Everybody may think of putting more and more hours on their studies and the study hours will be increasing day by day. They always wonder why the CA exams will be every year in festival season of Diwali. But in later discussions you will come to know the reasons I guess for having exams in festival season. If you think that I am going to give you the last minute tips on the subjects, or revision should be done in minimum time, you will be disappointed. I will discuss with you how a professional examination is different from the other regular university exams and the approach for such exams.

Studies for university exams will be in the method of  Reach to the Peak and burst (RPB) in the examination, whereby you will increase number of hours when the examination dates approaches and whatever you have done read, write, memorized, will be thrown into the examination hall in three hours.

For professional exams like CA, IIT, etc. The approach should have been Reduce, Understand, consolidate and Release (RUCR) the studies in the examination hall for particular subject in three hours.

For CA exams your approach should have been according to me gradually reduce number of hours for studies, increase the understanding topic consolidate the knowledge of the subject and slowly release the knowledge in three hours.

In University exams you need not to be relax in between the studies, However, for CA exams you have to relax in between the studies as the exams are approaching fast. This will help in understanding the topic and consolidation of the knowledge. The question arises how we do that, when I approach for my CA examination thirty years back, my time slot for studies was four hours in morning with 15 to 20 minutes gap after two hours and I use to sing Kishore Kumar and Mohd. Rafi songs loudly alone at home for ten minutes in each gap. A clapping and singing of Aarti also a good relaxation for short gap, reading of novel, jokes, short stories other than subject will also a stress buster and keep us in live condition for resuming the subject further. An afternoon slot of four hours and a night slot of fours hours was enough for me to clear the exams. I make a point to go out in the evening in the market to bring the vegetables.

The stress buster activities are more needed when you think you have no time for them than when you think you have enough time for such activities. Now you understand, why the CA exams are always in Diwali festival season.

Now we turn to studies, you will have always suggested answers for the previous exams. The last minute revisions according to me will be to prepare a chart on each subject as under without looking to the answers on the same day. You can check your answers on the next day.

Sr. No. Question No. Topic of the Question. Concept Your Ans.

If you understand from the question the topic on which the question asked, the concept of the topic, then your 80% job will be over. Your answer will be automatic and not required further thinking. For making this chart, write only a few words, so that you will able to read the same at last minute for your quick revision.

Secondly, the question may be silent, may not be specific about some details, you have to write, the assumptions you made for solving the question, or writing the answer for the same. Such assumption will work as the base for your thinking process and if the process will be correct on the basis of your assumption you will be valued accordingly. Do not hesitate to assume, and write the assumptions clearly.

Thirdly, write something new based on your experience during your articles, the knowledge you have acquired on the topic with your additional reading, your views on the topic relevant to the subject and question asked. This will be the value addition for your answer sheet. If you will write something in addition to the general answer which very few or none have written, you will be definitely getting liberal approach in the eyes of paper checker while giving you marks.

Lastly, the tips during the exams.

  • Stop your studies at least two hours before the exams, so that, the knowledge can be stored at a proper place in the memory and the retrieval will become smooth and easy.
  • Close your eyes, for 10 seconds, when you get your question paper, counts 20 to 1 in the reverse order, have deep breath and open your eyes.
  • Do not discuss, the subject either before or after the exam, instead you can discuss on M.S.Dhoni, Ae Dil Hai Mushkil and so on I know you have a lot of things to discuss other than the subject.
  • Write all your rough work noting assumptions diligently as you will write the answers.
  • Remember that the exam three hours will be a one day match. Do not approach like 20, 20 or test match game.
  • Tell your mind that the heavens will not fall, if some paper will be good  or bad. To become CA is a going concern concept, where it is required to be in the business than anything else.
  • Enjoy, the exams itself, do not have remember or make plans for enjoyment after the exams, this will result in hurriedness and reduce your approach as the end at sight.
  • Imagine and approach for exam as if you will become CA within a short time, a positive thought will make the difficult things easier.
  • Your approach should have been, the Institute will not be able to give the different result than you think, feel among the thousands who easily pass out.
  • Last but not least, Best of Luck being the luck will be an opportunity to  become a professional.


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