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CA exams as I'd describe: A journey, A fight, a hope, a struggle

Where you connect in all your hopes and integrate your efforts to create a result you could be proud of.

How you struggle today determines what kind of person will you be tomorrow. 

So, the first step in clearing an exam is believing that you can. Fir IPCC toh iss the best exam you might have given till date.

Never start with the word No, or even Maybe. In IPCC, you shape your own success. Apart from just studying, ipcc requires your determination.

I used to hear a lot of people saying : "Nahi padh pa rha" They often do not know the reason they say this. The very reason lies amongst themselves. How they shield themselves under a stupid excuse, convince their minds that "yes this is tuff" or that "it isn't possible" and end up giving much less than what they could actually have.

What excuses do they give? Here are a few examples:

1) Yaar Ab sirf 1 month bacha h. Nahi khatam hoga
2) Padhai mein mann nahi lg rha
3) "Agar aisa hota toh pakka padh leta"
4) "Tuitions khatam hojaye fir padhna start karega"

The inherent fear of failure as against their will to pass is what this exam tests.

I used to hear some Himeesh saying (he's a great great speaker) "Agar sach mein kuch pana ho, toh raste nazar aate h. Aur agar nahi, toh bhane nazar aate h"

A positive mind works much much better than a negative one. If you think positive, you make schedules, you plan your studies, you see yourself getting there, you know what needs to be done, and YOU DO IT. A negative mind will only result in a book open in front of you with your mind wandering somewhere else.

Ideally IPCC requires one time studying & two times revision of the whole course. We read this everywhere on the internet. And Its true. But oh, just in case you couldn't do so, does not mean you won't pass the exams or wont do good! Once you decide that I can & I will, time no longer remains a factor. Of course that doesn't mean that you study less and pass the exams. But what it does mean that You Give in your best. 

At a given point of time, the time remaining, whatever you have studied till date & what's left to be done will always be a given.

See this is where you can distinguish between a positive mind & a negative mind.

Positive: You focus on studying in the present. You know that what's lost is lost. Maybe, it won't come back. Regretting over what's lost makes you lose more. Yes, you are wasting time regretting, telling other people that aaj ye ho chuka hota, toh pakka acha kar leta.                   

Negative: Ab nahi ho payega. Abhi exam aise hi de deta h, next term ache se dega OR, Sbka hogya, mera itna baaki h. Abhi sirf ek group de deta h, next group baad mein.

And Remember, always inspire to achieve. Khud to tension lo hi mat, friends agar tension le toh unko bhi mat lene do.

It is often that While helping others, sometimes you find you own solutions.

"Tufaano ko chir ke, manzilon ko chinn le" Aaj ke baad haar mat man, bhane mat bna, bna le jeet ko apni life ka passion.

Trust me, once these 15 days of exams get over, you'll love to see the change in yourself. When you look back, you'll be amazed at what YOU HAVE accomplished, at what you HAVE BECOME.

Download two songs if you want to. One is Aashyein by KK & the other Ek Junoon Tha by Anmol Wadha. I used to like these a lot and I am sure you guys too will.

All the best to those giving exams in May 16.


Published by

Aditya Shah
(CA Final student)
Category Students   Report

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