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I Can do It

Karan Teli , 20 January 2014  

A day which shook the CA student fraternity with an impeccable and unexpected result of just 3% or 3 students clearing out of every 100, breaking a record of last 11 years. Many hopes, many dreams, many hearts might have shattered and just a thousand out of thirty thousand have started their careers and been part of this economy. Heartily congratulations to those students whose hard work paid off and Good luck to those who couldn’t. 

I am sharing this post with you all but this will be most helpful to those who have lost in these examinations. Not to worry, I am also one of those who couldn’t kiss this success. To be very honest, I am not having any intentions to give you guidance or speak something like a monk or a sage. I am just writing this for myself as I am sure that I would sooner or later require this to reinstate myself. This also indicates that whatever I am writing is just directly from heart and flow of emotions.

Unlike all others, I too had many hopes and dreams associated with this result of mine. But when I couldn’t find the key to open up the gates to this hopes and dreams I was also upset. I decided that I wouldn’t take it to heart and let my brain decompose and digest it thoroughly.In simple terms, I changed my perceptions in various aspects.

“Rather than thinking on what you have lost, it’s better to focus on how we can gain more to compensate this loss”. This is first thing which my brain said to heart. This is because if we start thinking of what is lost then we get more stressed. This will soon lead to depression and then we may lose our mental stability which in turn leads to a mess with what we have to do. So FOCUS in future now. The very next thing is to hear what your parents and well wishers recommend. I am sure the moment we saw this unexpected result we were brain dead (a situation where brain stops working). That’s the best time to take all good and bad recommendations` and then analyse everything. Keep and adhere to the good ones and let go the bad ones. You are sole decision maker finally. Regain yourself. Your confidence. Your tricks and tools. Remember your strengths. Get back to work. This is because you have to gain what you have lost also. Also remember that ICAI is now expecting the best out of you. Sharpen your mind set, your skills, your knowledge, gain expertise as this is the final time you are getting tested before they set you free in the world’s crazy race. Revoke your Passion. This passion has something different to do with. Think of why you want this to achieve. You have to be more passionate. Work for those dreams, those hopes, those happy teary eyes of your parents, those crazy FB statuses. Just be passionate. Else you are gone.   Don’t think of quitting. You are almost done. Just a step away from your dream, your success. You are already in pain. Take up a little more so that it won’t go in vain. Love yourself first and then start running. Remember that scene of Bhag milkha bhag where he runs and breaks national record without spikes and nail hit toes. He did it, why can’t you? Just do it. Give your best nothing else. Stay away from people who criticize you. You need to stay positive and move onwards. Let them speak, criticize you, bully you, laugh at you. Everyone in this world has a critic so relax and ignore them. Forget everything. Start focusing on your examinations. You have a race on May 26 again. Start counting backwards.     

Analyse the mistakes, the methodology, the ideas, the perceptions which lead you to this day. Know yourself. Chalk out a proper plan; you have sufficient days to correct it. Strengthen your strengths and overcome your weakness. Start working smart and strategically instead of just hard work. Remember, you are in 21st Century. You can’t survive if you aren’t updated and work smartly. Calm down yourself and let the emotions come out. Start using your brain and don’t flow in emotions. If you feel you need a change, have a break and move out somewhere. After all nature is best teacher. Change the environment. Speak and be with those who love you. Avoid being social as you need to focus and they can be an obstacle.

Nothing in life can stop you if you have a strong will and passion to achieve it. Not even yourself. Engrave these words. This world is just a stage and you are here to play your character. Be honest in doing whatever you want. Don’t cheat yourself; else the fruit of success will always be bitter in taste.

Bande hain hum uske, hum pe kiska zor.

Umeedo ke suraj, nikle chaaron aur.

Iraade hai fauladi, himmati har kadam.

Apne haatho kismat likhne, aaj chale hain hum.

Let me correlate this above said words my post with a practical example.

It was Sunday - Jan 12, 2014 and my dad received a business call from CEO of Mafatlal Industry Ltd (MIL) at 10.45 pm late. The conversations completed after 48 mins exactly and when I enquired I was in shock to hear that it was a call from the CEO – aka – owner of the company. They had a long discussion on the strategies to be used in Andhra Pradesh at various aspects (as we are sole selling agents at AP). A point to learn was that the hard work of CEO to manage this listed company.

A brief story about MIL and CEO. MIL was one of the finest textile units in India and about a decade back it was almost declared a sick unit. The strategies and hard work put in by this CEO has again made this company a tycoon in textiles. Nothing except dedicated hard work, patience and power to withstand failures is required. Rather than relaxing and taking personal time CEO was working even on Sunday at 10.45 pm. Hope you get the intent.

Personal Message –

(i) Say yourself that in May 2014 ICAI is going to declare a pass percent of just 1% and work accordingly,

(ii) No substitute to hard work, so start immediately,

(iii)Hard work is like a staircase of the building named “success” while luck is elevator. Elevators fail but stair case does not.

All the best.

Karan Teli

(Life is just an Illusion) 


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Karan Teli
(Life Is just an Illusion...!!)
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