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Before going into the concept of notional loss arising out of Mark-to-Market on forward contract, let's brush up some important basic definitions relating to the above treatment.

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With the introduction of sec 115BAA, domestic companies who are paying tax at the rate of 25% (or 30%) now have an option to pay tax at a lower rate through sec 115BAA. Any person who had opted for sec 115BAA being a domestic company will pay tax at the rate of 22% on its total income irrespective of its turnover during the previous year.

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Salary received by NRIs

  Suresh Thiyagarajan    29 July 2019 at 11:21

TDS u/s 192 in case of Non-Resident IndianIt is very common for Indians to work abroad and receive a salary from a foreign company. However, there is still a co..

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After the introduction of sec 112A, it is important for the assessee to know the various provisions and rules attac

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Income from unsold flats by Real Estate Companies:We all know at any point in time companies engaged in the business of construction of residential house proper..

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Though we have seen a lot of interpretations regarding simultaneous use of sec 44AD(relating to business) and sec 44ADA (relating to profession specified u/s 44..

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Sale of Goodwill and its taxability:Goodwill, the name in itself gives us an idea that it is a reputation that was built through business over a period of time...

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Tax on Income from House property of Non-resident:It is very common for Indian's living abroad to own a house property in It is It is very common for Indian

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TDS under Sec 194-IA

  Suresh Thiyagarajan    02 July 2019 at 10:58

TDS u/s 194-IA relating to Transfer of Immovable Property(IP): The above section requires the transferee (person who purchases the IP) to deduct TDS @1% u/s 194..

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Whether set off and carry forward provision applicable to Foreign Company?With the globalization of companies around the world, it is important for the governme..

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