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69(1) Where the Commissioner has reasons to believe that a person has committed any offence specified in clause (a) or clause (b) or clause (c) or clause (d) of sub-section (1) of section 132 which is punishable under clause (i) or (ii) of sub-section (1), or sub- section (2) of the said section, he may, by order, authorise any officer of central tax to arrest such person.

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This is an excerpt from the interaction of CA Sudhir Halakandi with GST Expert CA Sushil Goyal

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Meet CA Pooja Bansal who runs her own Youtube channel. Pooja has more than 1.25K Subscribers. She has also authored two books on. Pooja has left no stone unturned in helping people understand GST. Here is an insight into what CA Pooja Bansal does behind the lens.

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Interview with GST Expert CA Shaifali Girdharwal

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The outbreak of COVID-19 and the compulsion to stay at home is tough but at the same time it is bringing out the creativity in everyone. CA Sudhir Hakalkhandi has started with a series called "Know your GST Expert".

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In the outbreak of COVID-19 CA Sudhir Halakhandi has started with an initiative called Know your GST Expert. What a wonderful initiative to keep people updated in this time of crisis. In the third interview in these series, Mr. Halakhandi is in a discussion with CA Bimal Jain.

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Composite Supply and Mixed Supply differ from one another. Composite supply means the supply of two or more goods naturally bundled together. Mixed supply means two or more individual supplies of goods or services, or any combination thereof, made in conjunction with each other.

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Interview with GST Expert CA(Dr.) Arpit Haldia

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The GST is at vital stage at present. The Department is concerned about revenue and the Taxpayers are anxious about actions to be initiated against them for technical and innocent Mistakes done by them while trying to follow the back to back stringent GST procedures without any intension of evasion of tax.

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GST is new tax and the dealers who followed it from the initial stage have made some technical mistakes which were not noticed by them within time or they were not rectified by the dealers since the facility of revision of such mistakes was not there. These were innocent mistakes and not the fraud and/evasion of tax.

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