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Uncontrolled Systems And Procedures Of GST

CA SUDHIR HALAKHANDI , Last updated: 20 May 2022  

Government Should Control It Now

The revenue of GST is increasing continuously and for this the business, industry and government of India deserves congratulations but at the same time there is no reduction in the problems of tax payers and professionals and the government should now pay attention to them as well because this July It will be 5 years since the implementation of GST in India, but instead of reduction in the problems, the problems are increasing day by day.

Let us first discuss the recent issues and events. Now you must have seen that the GSTR-2B, which is the base of main GST return i.e., GSTR-1 could not come on the site on the scheduled date and for that also at the last- minute instructions were given that this month dealers should work with their GSTR2-A, if they wish to file GSTR-1. This arrangement was against the rules but also outside the jurisdiction of the network of GST to issue such type of directions. GSTN should provide the facility to file the return and it is not under their jurisdiction to provide a solution on their failure which is against the rules. The lawmakers should take a note of this serious and awkward situation.

Uncontrolled Systems And Procedures Of GST

See again, just a short while ago a new rate of tax on bricks was announced and with this many experts had told that there is no system of 3 percent Tax rate in GST returns but till the last day of filing the return there was no solution to this problem. At last minute an adjustable solution was provided which was not needed at all since there was so much time was there to provide the facility to accommodate 3% rate. we cannot say that it could not be resolved because India is a very advanced country in information technology, but perhaps the concerned party has not been made aware of its responsibilities and further they have full faith in the fact that there is no punishment for negligence.

Right now, so many notices are coming from the GST department which could not have been imagined by the experts associated with GST since its inception. You imagine that the government itself had waived interest up to a specified limit for the time associated with Covid, but the system has also issued a large number of notices for the payment of this waived interest, in response to which the dealer has to inform the department that Government has already waived the Interest and the notification number. What could be a bigger agony than this?


The Government should control the number of such notices and at least such type of baseless notices should be stopped. Such notices are wasting a lot of time of the department and professionals. The government should at least fix the limit for any difference for which notices are being issued. Issuance of notices of Rs.10.00, Rs.25.00, Rs.100.00 is part of a futile process which must be stopped. Notices are now being issued regarding many arrangements related to 2017 which is not practical at all. The deadline has been extended due to the problems of the GST network but the problems of 2017 should be done in 2020 itself.

The Government should now control the GST system and procedures so that along with the increasing revenue of GST, the difficulties and problems in following the GST can also be removed.


GST is not a Race so please give dealers and Professionals sufficient Time and facilities to follow it.

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