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Feedback is something I've always wanted from many of you. Thanks to those of you who find my piece of writing to be fabulous and devote time to be spent reading! Well as it's said 'reading' is something that requires focus and interest. Try reading something you are disinterested in; you would probably stop within a few sentences itself.

Anyway, cutting to the chase, hearing the term 'addiction' what would you probably think of? Let me guess! Most of you would probably think of an alcoholic or a drug addict or someone who is probably involved in gambling.

Well, let's be honest, the aforementioned, do fall under the umbrella of 'addiction'. But what addiction am I talking about? Nowadays we have varied forms of addictions. To state some of the examples that come across my mind:

  1. 'Hustle' culture - A culture that promotes toxic work and glorifies harm to the human body as 'bleed during battle'.
  2. Love - Well this one's a bit tricky to be put in words. In simple words, it can be something where someone is excessively attached to someone and they can't spare a moment/minute without being around them.
  3. Social Media - This one's another one pretty common. Time and again constantly see people hooked on social media to showcase how 'fabulous life' mine is!
  4. Self-love - Even this one is something common. Put in another way, it can be called people who are called 'narcissistic'
Lets talk about Addiction

To those of you who have read up till now, you must be wondering why is this even an issue. The points mentioned above may seem very common and not a matter of concern. The fact of the matter is “excess”. Excess of anything can be harmful to our body/mind/soul, you name it. Even if the item is proven to be having many benefits accruing as a result of the consumption.

Consider a simple scenario, if you are given your favourite dish to eat daily, would you still relish it? Yea maybe at the outset it may seem a lot refreshing and fill you to your heart's content but believe it or not later you'd probably hate to even see it! The very sight of it would leave you with a certain amount of disdain.

Okay, let's elaborate on the above-mentioned to give you a broader view to better comprehend.

1. 'Hustle' culture

This is something we often see on social media and also in our work spaces. It's something very detrimental! The simple aspect of promoting 18 hours of work a day, is inhumane to any person. Just have a look at the impact it leaves neurologically on the person! No wonder we have increased hypertension, cardiac arrests and various other health disorders. Well, the list isn't exhaustive, there are psychological researches that state that. Added to that, this culture also promotes these issues as a normal phenomenon and that it doesn't require any attention! A simple example to simplify, if a person who is earning in the family adopts this 'hustle' culture and he, in turn, ends up ignoring his family, has anyone considered how it impacts the upbringing of a child if he has not got the desired attention from his parents? It leaves them scarred for life and they grow up with various personality disorders.

2. Love

Well, this one is a bit nuanced topic to be explored and some of you may be offended by my words! Okay! Apologies conveyed in advance. In simple terms what can love be defined as? It can be explained as a 'feeling of deep affection towards a person/animal/thing'. Well, all's well right until there, but things kind of get a lot worse when this love goes into 'excessively loving'.

Let's consider some examples, if a brother loves his sister unconditionally but he keeps pestering her, keeps intruding on her and doesn't let her live a life of her own at her independent style, it would be suffocating for that sister and she'd probably start to 'hate' the brother and not still 'love' him in true spirit.

Another example, if a guy/girl develops a feeling towards the opposite gender, but that person is disinterested, rather to better say, not resonating to what is expected to be felt, the relationship would be pathetic even if they were to work out by hook or crook! A classic example would be something that happened in my neighbourhood, a guy was extremely in love with a girl but that girl didn't resonate. The guy kept pestering her through various ways and also convinced his friends to set him up! But as things would have it, she was disinterested right from the inception and due to that the guy was having a mental breakdown and would refrain from all social activities.


3. Social Media

These days, we see various forms of posts on social media. Now with the ever-evolving 30-second reels which is a fusion version of the already banned 'tiktok', we see people posting even the slightest things online. These influencers these days tend to ignore boundaries and, in a bid, to create influence and fan following keep sharing all their details online. In this process, we end up seeing something we are not supposed to. Like its said, 'with great power/influence comes great responsibility. People need to be careful of what is posted online as anything posted online remains posted forever! It's something even the upcoming millennium can get to see.

4. Self-love

Self-love can be explained as a form of affection towards ourselves. But like said affection is to be within a range of palatability. It has to not be something unacceptable and which wrecks increased chaos in your life. If your expression of self-love is leading to others having a problem, but you are least concerned by what would happen, you are most probably on the path of being 'narcissistic'. Any relation with such people can be detrimental! Given adversity, these are the people who would run for their lives first.

All in all, anything in excess is bad. Extremes of both ends are bad. To simplify, do this self-evaluation, if you observe your certain action is causing more chaos, unrest in your life, it's time to reconsider what you are doing. You need to take a step back and reflect upon your actions and what would they potentially lead to if carried on in continuity. Things need to be done in balance.

With that being said, I ain't a perfect individual to be idolized. I do have issues as well at times! That's just how life is and we need to be getting on!

Thanks for reading! Hope you have a better perspective!

The author can also be reached at - abhishekpanegal4@gmail.com


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