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There are not much options when it comes to commerce and finance. Most students pursue either CA/CS/ICWA for achieving the aforesaid objectives. The glitzy part of these belongs undoubtedly to chartered accountants because they have diversified job roles. The other part is that of students pursuing company secretary program.

Have come across quite a few forum posts, articles and plaints that despite being a passout from ICSI, there are not good jobs.

Now the argument ‘there are not good jobs for cs’ has two implications.

1. There are no good job openings for CS at all.

2. The person is not getting a good CS job.

I am trying to address the first argument.

We are entirely wrong and erring if we say that there are not good job openings or new job openings for CS passed candidates. In fact a proper search on internet will render too many good options for all job seekers.

Following is the list of some companies that I came across while searching for CS jobs on various job sites and government job portals.

Eaton (USA), Mumbai Metro Rail corporation, Aditya Birla Group , Pipavav Defence, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Delhi Mumbai industrial Corridor, National high power test laboratory ltd.,  Lotte India, IRCON,Konkan railways etc.

All these jobs were recent jobs. Therefore is it right to say that there are no good job openings for CS. Not at all.

2) OK, there are good jobs but I joined the cs course on the assumption that it guarantees a job , and now that I am not finding a job, I am saying that the institute is not assuring us a job? Am I right ?

If you also had thought what is written above, I am sorry to say this but you are wrong. There is NOT a single education stream or a course that will give you guarantee for a job. Therefore if one tries to console himself by saying that the institute is not doing much , then we ourselves are wrong.

Any institute which conducts a course only aids their candidates in getting jobs and does not assure them any job.

There are a finite number of opportunities and finite number of candidates. Therefore only the best out of them gets a good job. So it will be really wrong to hastily conclude that there are no jobs for cs at all

3) I am just on the verge of starting CS course / I am giving my final exam of CS / My brother or sister is registering for CS. Is there something more than academic assistance that I can help him in ?

Man learns from his experience. From the day, the first light pierces our eyes till the day we die, we keep on learning. Observation is the best learning method. How can you know what is the current trend in the job market? One should say ‘Google tasmai namah’ (Google I bow to thee). We can learn recent trends through internet. I personally came to know a lot through LinkedIn. Try finding out linkedin profiles of company secretaries. Even if you are not registered on linkedin, you can view meaningful parts of their profiles. Some search strings are as follows.

Some company secretary Linkedin profiles

Some profiles who are both CAs and CSs

Some profiles who are CA,CS & ICWA

Some profiles who are CA,CS & CFA

When carefully observing the above profiles , we can observe what much can be done, what more can be learned and by chance , you can even find some new niche kind of course that can be done to further bolster your cv and differentiate you from the others.

One profile which is worth mentioning here is as follows.

Assuming the above person is around 25-26 years of age, what more can one want at such a young age?  If we normally speak with our friends that I am going to do ca,cs , cfa ,frm simultaneously, half will call you mad and half will call you something else. But truth is that , the above person has done all of it because he had genuine interest in it. (assuming that you are financially sound and have a genuine zeal and interest to pursue the courses) He had genuine interest in finance, and going by what his linkedin profile shows, he is at a  very nice position and would be  earning a very good remuneration. (Due to privacy , name not given)

Your careers is yours, your life is yours. You are your best friend and therefore quick decisions will render fruit.

4) What more can be done for increasing our chances at getting a nice CS job?

Invest more time and efforts in learning more about law.

IF possible go for a llb , especially in a college that is either evening college or which allows you to at least give llb exams without regular attendance.

Read Chartered secretary, Student company secretary (now published regularly), E-CS Nitor, PMQ Journal of ICSI , without fail and with genuine interest.

How many of you read case laws? Well I read ‘em a lot. I recently read the mammoth 160 page judgement of Supreme Court which quashed the coal block allocation and 90 page judgment quashing the 2g spectrum allocation and the uphaar cinema case judgment which was more than 180 pages long. You will ask why should I read them. The reason is that , the above said judgments are related to governance and ethics and principles. You can easily cite any example from it in your ‘Corporate Governance, Business ethics and sustainability’ paper.

Reading supreme court case laws, even if not related to CS will increase your legal accumen, knowledge and thinking sense. The variety of cases / judgements given by supreme court daily is just an amazing experience to read , provided you have some kind of interest in it.

This was just an attempt to discuss the present CS job scenario….

To know whether ICSI provides placements or if LLB is indeed required with CS, read  'Does ICSI provide Placement facility? Is llb must with CS'

Rohit Jain

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