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Hello friends, especially those friends who are pursuing company secretary course. Most of you have undergone exams and many of you would have passed. Heartiest congratulations (although belated) to all those who have passed. Those who failed to crack the exams should not lose hope and just try hard.

Well, everyone has an aim for doing any course, and it’s not absurd to say that earning money and lots of money is one of that aim. We being all c.s students, one question that always strikes our mind is what are the job prospects after passing out c.s. professional module? What about placements? what about initial salary?

Here are some questions and likely answers to them. Many articles have been written about c.s but its quite rare to find someone speaking about placements etc.

1) Does Icsi provide placement facilities?

The answer is big yes ! I know that you already know this , but this is for those who don’t know this…..
there has been a resurgence or say continuous improvement in icsi placements …. This year the placements at bangalore held on 22.11.2013 saw good companies like cognizant, jsw group, ,Lenovo , tata hitachi and Toyota motors and job offers totaling 40.

Link -

In a bumper event, bharat Petroleum Corporation conducted campus drive for group b post in the secretarial department which had total ctc of 13 lakhs (upon completion of probation)

The regional chapter section of corporate secretary magazine published each month has placement news with 2-3 months gap indicating that the institute is indeed proactive in placement activities.

2) Is llb required with c.s ? will it suffice that I only pursue c.s ?

This is the second most common question that arises in the mind of a c.s student. It is very very right to think this.

On a bare perusal of advertisements for company secretary in top government and private companies , at least which I had chance of going through , an overwhelming majority required llb as a desirable qualification.

This does not however mean that only c.s won’t give you any job at all , but the market demand also cannot be undermined.

Since c.s is of legal nature and since a c.s is like a corporate lawyer (we can deem so) companies require a person who has all round knowledge of law. Many companies are involved in civil , criminal proceedings and therefore require a person of all round caliber.  

When companies want a person on a senior job post, they want a person who will be all-rounder in all aspects and they bestow upon him all the legal responsibilities.

Therefore a person having c.s + llb is like sambar with idli …… idli can be eaten but what gives taste to it is sambar which In our case is a llb degree.However when companies want junior c.s (assistant company secretary or officer in the secretarial cadre) they do not strictly require a llb.A word of caution is that unless strictly stipulated, nowhere is llb compulsory. It is listed in desirable category (mostly) and therefore even a c.s will do.

3) How much does a company secretary earn as starting salary?

There is rarely any person who does not want good salary package. A question that often comes to mind is how much does a c.s earn? Although providing an average number will be difficult, one should not choose a job that offers salary less than Rs.18000.

Three reasons for this:

a) Company secretary is a prestigious degree. Having passed it, one thing that is 100 % true is that you are talented and have worked hard. Therefore your salary should do justice to your talent, no matter how novice or of less age you are …. You should say to yourselves that if average salary offered to a chartered accountant is 5 lakhs at campus placement, I should earn at least that much (please do not start praising greatness of c.a  over c.s , be mature ! ). This is for a qualified c.s and not a trainee though. The reason behind choosing the 18000 rs threshold is that this much (rs. 18000 ) is earned by a post graduate on a bpo job and c.s (the post ) is something that is not an average bpo job.

b) CS having good 2-3 years’ experience earns 5 lakhs on an average.

c) This is a broad generalization and subject to other aspects, but earning less than this in a good company is sign that something is lacking

4) Where (the hell) should I search for CS jobs?

This question arises because sadly the icsi website still does not provide good links to job adverts.

Most listings are old, lack complete details and are very specialized.

Here are some search strings that I have created. Those who are acquainted with job portals don’t need this , but not all are internet savvy. Visiting this links once  in 4-5 days will surely help you all in finding the latest and best c.s job openings.

Indeed website

Fresher live


That’s it for now.

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By Rohit Jain



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Rohit Jain
(MBA (FIN ) , CS (Professional) ,)
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