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Success” a word desired by all, aimed by many, tried by few and achieved by rare. So what’s in between those “all” to “rare”?

We all are fantasized by some great persons and their achievement, but we never ever try to get behind their success run. Really it’s only a matter of one chance, but what you do in that one opportunity is rest of the story. What all you already did and what all experience you had gained till date is the real story. It is always said, “Fall 9 times, rise up 10th but never stop trying”. If you can’t run, better walk, if you can’t walk, then still crawl, but never stop moving.

Have you ever noticed that why all these successful people are perfect in whatever they do? Are they born as such? Or they became as such? Life is that only. If you are successful, you should be perfect also, since as you rise higher, the line of error becomes thinner. With every step up, your work area shrinks. And if you are not perfect at this stage, you will fall and fall sharply.

Let suppose you have bunch of 100 keys and you are locked in a room with a disaster upfront. You anyhow quickly need to unlock yourself in order to survive. Now anyone of us would definitely try to unlock the door with every key of the bunch unless and until it gets opened. Why? Because we know it is matter of life. But the problem is we forget this when it comes to achievement of our dreams. And we fail in trying all keys to the lock. We give up early start making excuses. Do not blame you failure on luck, circumstances, environment or any other person. It’s only you responsible for your success or your failure. Always remember one thing friends “It really all depends on choice. Not circumstances”.

If something is given easily, it is never valued. Rs. 100 for you might not be enough for today’s hangout but same Rs. 100 might be a two days meal for another. You may value a 150 cc bike but another may take it as granted. Anything given for free is never ever valued except our Income Tax Act, that too with some exceptions.

The most successful people we know on this earth always have some common characteristics in them. They are always passionate towards what they do, they are totally dedicated to their success area and most importantly they are still the same as they were during days of struggle. They know how to keep moving forward without any break, without any fear of upcoming hurdles or very uncertain future.

It is funny fact I am now briefing. We human being has a very unique feature in ourselves. We believe more in something not with us, what is uncertain and what is only a probability. We never believe in what we currently have, what is certain with us and what is sure. We believe more in future and not present. We believe more in future limitations and not in present capabilities. We like to think negative but not positive. Prudence should be restricted to accountancy only, not life. Live your dreams. Jo tumhara hai hi nahi uspe kaisa bharosa

A person may succeed at 100th try, he will always be known for his 100th try and not for earlier 99, but only that one person knows that his 100th was nothing as compared to 99 times of trial he failed in. Success doesn’t take time to make you famous but what takes time is the hard work and patience behind those years. Albert Einstein was one such person.

If you haven’t failed means you haven’t tried anything new, and if you are not doing something new then how can you imagine becoming something what others aren’t. Every famous person is known because he/she has something unique in himself/herself which others don’t have. Failure is not a step to success. Learning and applying from failure is a real step to success.

I meet students who had a very special excuse after failing. In their words “Now when I am failed, I am sure that I will be much more successful them others, may be a bit later”.  You itself tell that whether this attitude can make anyone succeed. What failure does with our life is solely our decision. For every problem of your life, “Either you find an excuse or you find a solution”. Making excuse will lead to another failure in a same fashion and then story continues. Finding and applying a solution may not be successful upfront but helps in taking another step forward to dream run.

To conclude just read below line by Harivansh Rai Bacchan,

Lahron Se Dar Kar Nauka Par Nahin Hoti

Koshish Karne Walon Ki Her Nahin Hoti

Nanhi Chiti Jab Dana Lekar Chalti Hai

Chadhti Deewaron Par Sau Bar Phislati Hain

Man Ka Viswas Ragon Mein Sahas Bharta Hain

Chadhkar Girna Girkar Chadhna Na Akharta Hain

Akhir Uski Mehnat Bekar Nahin Hoti

Koshis Karne Walon Ki Her Nahin Hoti

Dubkiyan Sindhu Mein Gotakhor Lagata Hain

Ja Jakar Khali Haath Laut Aata Hain

Milte Nahin Sahaj Hi Moti Gahre Pani Mein

Badhta Duna Utsah Isi Hairani Mein

Muthi Uski Khali Her Bar Nahi Hoti

Koshis Karne Walon Ki Her Nahin Hoti

Asaflta Ek Chunauti Hain Swavikar Karo

Kya Kami Rah Gayi Dekho Aur Sudhar Karo

Jab Tak Na Safal Ho Nid Chain Ko Tyago Tum

Sangharshon Ka Maidan Chod Mat Bhago Tum

Kuch Kiye Bina Hi Jayjaykar Nahin Hoti

Koshish Karne Walon Ki Haar Nahin Hoti


Published by

CA Sourabh Agarwal
(Chartered Accountant)
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