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Hi all,

If something has to happen, it will be. No matter how hard we try to change things in our favour but something are supposed to be destined. But this doesn’t mean that we should stop ourself rather take this as an add-on challenge to our ultimate purpose of life. More the challenges, greater will be success. Actually if I try to ask can anyone ask what success is?

Probably most of us would say the names of some celebrities of their respective fields but do they actually think that only they are successful. Each one of us at every point of life is able to achieve something but what we recognize as success is the only thing what we are trying for and aimed and dreamed for.

Let me explain it further, suppose two persons dreamed of earning some million over a year and also at the same time a trip to your lifetime dream destination to their favorite places. Now after some time one person got a million package and one got a trip to his place for which they didn’t face any difficulties in life. Actually this is also a success but undermined because there are no hardships, no tragic stories, no special attention was attached to it.

But if in same case we move further and found out that both the person to fulfill the other remaining dream, work hard for years. They even might have lost everything and fallen most of the times but again emerged as a winner and achieved. Now they would say that they are successful. The reason I need not repeat again.

Our life is also lies on same story. Things we dream become most hard to get because the almighty knows that if he had awarded you without any hardships, you would not be able to enjoy the taste of it. The real pleasure comes after real hard work.

We all can sit into Air conditioner whole day but can’t enjoy the coolness which we get under a normal if we are full of sweat.

And I don’t this happens to you but it has always been a case with me. What thing I want and like the most and try hardest is in front of me, but with some other person who might be my known and worst becomes the case when such person doesn’t need so and never cared for it. Again if try to think it with our story, this is also a part of challenge in front of us to make much closer to our success factors.

Success in not an achievement or a destination, it’s a continuous journey of life.

Also another part of life is enjoyment. It’s ok to bunk few classes, it is never hard to make fool of other. Because at one day of life we need some odd experience with us to gossip after retirement, we are human being not a programmed device. We just need to continuously work for our aim but not in way that when we get it; we are not in position to enjoy it. You cannot live life in isolation; some people are also needed in it.

The only thing what I want to tell you people here is work for life but not against you life. Work sincerely for your dreams but not seriously. Enjoy all the aspects of your life without ignoring the small attainments achieved on the way.

The time once gone can never be retrieved. We all think that once we attain something, we will then enjoy the other richness of life but what will happen is that once we attain something, we will be eyeing for some more. And the real problem starts here, I am not saying that it is a bad thing, rather it is actually a good aim but my point is when we start living. No one is perfect and no one could be ever, so there will not be any limit of success measures and attainments. The only way out is live now to live forever. Don’t miss the opportunity to watch your favorite movies before exams if it’s worth of it. Those moments may not return back but you can still overtime some day to compensate your studies sacrificed for it.

Zindagi Ka Maja To Doobne Kii Kasmkash Mai Hai,
Jo Ho Maloom Gehrai,Toh Dariya Par Kya Karna?

Saurabh Agarwal



Published by

CA Sourabh Agarwal
(Chartered Accountant)
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