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First of all big thank you for the kind feedback to my articles. I am overwhelmed by the kind response of respected members.

Just to continue with the process, let me share something with you. It was the problem I faced and I am sure many of my friends might be going through it too.

Which book to read for the exam?

You know when you don't opt for coaching then your biggest weapon are the books you read and notes you make.

First of all, never ever ignore Institute Study Material. Its the MUST, be it of any subject. It holds the basic key. Practice Manual to has to be revised over and over again. Its the core of the syllabus.

Now each one of us have different way of studying. Many people just need points to cram, they are very good in cramming while others need to understand the subject as its not easy to cram. So your choice of books depends on it.

I didn't take coaching for accounts. So I found Snow White book the best for it. It cleared my basics. It along with Practice Manual were of great help.

  • For MAFA, institute study material plus Practice Manual were more than enough.
  • For Audit it was again institute study material.
  • For Law it was Munish Bhandari Sir book along with PM,
  • For cost again it was institute study material and PM.

ISCA was with the help of Institute Study material and MM Valecha book. The biggest trouble with this subject is that you have to revise points again and again. This subject used to spoil my result a lot so I focused on the Valecha book for points and Institute material for elaboration.

I found DT helpful in Snow white book and Institute Material. The best thing about snow white book are the sections given in front page along with page numbers, you can easily find a section that is troubling you and revise it.

Bangar book helped me in IDT. It depends which book you are following; the smaller one or the bigger one.

Please take care of one thing that don't look for more books. The most important thing in CA exam is revision. So just stick to few books and revise them over and over again.

I followed 3-4 books of accounts but messed up. As answers given in different books didn't match sometimes. 

Trust on the institute books the most. 

I am not saying that my choice of material is perfect but I did a mistake earlier when I went for more books rather than concentrating and revising the ones I had. I don't want anyone to suffer due to this mistake.

You people are much more intelligent and efficient than me. So choose books according to what you can read and revise over and over again. You may be good in cramming which I was not. So your choice may be different.

But I can say one thing with ease that "too many books spoil the result". 

If you are taking coaching then trust on the teachers who are teaching you. Revise their notes but just don't forget the Institute Study Material especially PM and last 3-4 RTPs.

All the best


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