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Life is all about giving exams and then waiting for the results of the attempt undertaken. Be it starting a business, giving a job interview or giving any academic exams, the anticipation of the results of it is always nerve wracking and petrifying for the person waiting for the result of the efforts.

Chartered Accountancy (CA) exams and results outdo all the terrors in the world maybe! When it comes to a student, waiting for the results of the CA examinations, the worry and the over thinking that follows is the toughest to face and conquer.

CA is considered to be one of the toughest examinations all over the world majorly due to a low passing rate which means that the results are somewhere stricter and tougher than the examinations itself.

In spite of all, one has to face the results and deal with them anyway. But how one faces the results is what shows the strength of the character one possesses.

One should always keep a few aforementioned things in mind while sitting in anticipation of the results and dealing with the results too:

1. Any result is not the end of the world: Results whether negative or positive does not mean end of the world, nor does it mean the end of struggle or problems. If one gets a negative result, then it is okay to feel bad and sad, but still it won’t stop one from reaching their destiny. It may be delayed, but one will reach where they are supposed to reach sooner or later.

Also, if one gets a positive result, then it’s just not a bright sunshine all over, it might mean more responsibilities, more expectations and thus more pressure. So, one should not let the result get into one’s head in any circumstance.

2. Talk about the results and the following feelings: One should always speak up or write down whatever goes on in the mind so that the tension does not built up in the brain and implode one’s head. Parents, siblings, friends, mentors can help one make peace with the pressure of facing the result by consoling, talking and distracting!

3. Do what you love most: The best way to ease the pressure or the anxiety is to do what one loves the most. It could be reading a favourite book again, watching a favourite movie, TV show, talking to someone with whom one can indulge into a heart to heart conversation or anything that makes one calm and peaceful.

And if one does not have something or the other, then one must watch “Rocky”, starring Sylvester Stallone! There is a 101% chance that one will feel confident and motivated to an extent, never felt before.

4. Take a short trip/vacation: One can always go out for a day or two to the mountains/hills where one can always find peace. The clean fresh air will make one think things through in peace and find the answers to all the questions and self-doubt. So, a trip is a must!

5. Surrounding oneself with positivity: One should always focus on the positives of what life gives. One has to keep faith in own abilities and good traits. Parents are always the biggest support system who brings the best out of a person.

Also, one should condition their minds in a way that makes the mind focus on just the optimistic aspects rather than the pessimistic ones.

6. Do not Compare: Comparison leads to self-doubt which in turn leads to lack of motivation which in turn leads to lack of concentration. And if one cannot concentrate, how can one focus on finding ways to make things right or get successful the next time.

It is important to understand and accept the fact that everybody has a unique timeline of success and is independent of the other’s.

So, it might happen that one person gets qualified but can’t find a high paying job, but a person who qualifies in 2-3 attempts may end up securing the highest of the packages. True Story!

7. Keep the diet and sleep in check: One should never compromise with sleep and a balanced diet on account of the stress for the results. The results are bound to come out and there is no amount of sleeplessness, hunger or stress that can change the outcome anyway, so why get sleep deprived or stressed out for something that has already been decided and will happen in spite of what one does.

So remember that the quality of life needs to get better, not just the quantification of it.

There is no denying the fact that waiting for the results can be tough and may lead to a lot of unnecessary over thinking and restlessness. But there is no point in stressing out to an extent that affects one’s health and mindset.

To overcome from the failure, one has to keep one’s head in place and get back working on turning failure into success with more efforts and more confidence which will happen only if one has an optimistic outlook towards things, because one way or the other, sooner or later, things fall in place for everyone who has put in their honest efforts in doing what they do.


Published by

Siddharth Goel
(Chartered Accountant)
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