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Result day is definitely the most exciting day of the CA course, the day on which the heart beats the fastest. 20th July would be the judgement day for more than 1.2 Lakhs CA Final students. I am sure, most of us would already be anxious and restless with still 24 hours to go.

There's a lot at stake for the students giving these exams:

  • One less mark and you may end up reading the same books all over again for another six months.
  • Added to that, the pressure of meeting the expectation of our parents& being constantly judged by our 'over-concerned' relatives, neighbours & friends.
  • Human race has an imbibed habit of constantly comparing everything with everyone. This comparison is doing us no benefit other than raising the already high burden and harming our mental health.
  • Moreover, our generation particularly is not ready to stay tied down for any reason. Our ambitious self has already made so many plans after completion of CA and a negative result can turn all of them into dust.

All these factors on accumulation, result in only one feeling - FEAR. It is the tingling feeling we all feeling our stomach whenever we think about the outcome of the result. We never felt this way at the time of the Board results or for that matter even IPCC result. Then what is different now when we are at this ultimate stage of the course? SOCIAL PRESSURE,OUR AMBITIONS, THE UNCERTAINITY.

To overcome fear, we need to prevent these things from getting to us and affecting us psychologically. We can't keep running after, trying to meet the expectations of everyone around us.

I. First of all, it is vital to block all silly questions thrown at us such as - 'When will you become CA', 'How many attempts' etc. If we knew the date when we'll be qualifying, we would have already declared it. Also, if any relative or friend is constantly nagging you with such uncomfortable questions, you should try to avoid them.

II. We need to stop comparing ourselves to every 'Sharma ji's' son who is just too good to be true. We need to understand that everyone has his own distinctive journey. You can work hard but you cannot remote control every other factor.

III. Share your thoughts with your parents and always keep them in loop. They are the one who wish for our success without any selfish motive. Whenever, you feel the blues, you should always communicate it and they would come up with a solution to calm your nerves on most of the occasions.

IV. Distract yourself. The post-exams period should be utilised to give time to your hobbies & work on your skill set. So, even when the result is approaching, you can always distract yourself from all the negative thoughts by playing your favourite music or watching a new movie.

V. When ever we are taking about overcoming stress, inclusion of physical exercises and activities in our daily routine is imperative. Physical exercise has a lot of beneficial effects on our mental health.

VI. Stop over-thinking & over-analysing everything. You should not make the result a situation of life and death. By over thinking, you are piling up the toll on yourself.

VII. So in nutshell, one must remember that we should look at the results with excitement and joy, rather that fear. So as an immediate anecdote, have a 'Chain ki neend' & remember that whatsoever your result is,/p>

'No result is an ending, It is just a new beginning'

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Kartikey Jain
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