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**A quick disclaimer before I start: The views expressed here are my personal views,I donot intend to de-motivate or hurt sentiments of anyone.The title is just a title,I donot intend to start a debate.The intention is to have a view & weigh all the pros & con of doing CA.I encourage you all to write your views in a constructive manner so that it can benefit someone who’s confused and gives him direction. I write from “He” point of view, but holds true for our female friends too.**

One of the most toughest and important question each CA aspirants asks himself is “Whether I should join the course?” He weighs all the pros & cons, talks to his cousins who are already into it and some of who have already cleared. Some may encourage him to get in to the course, some will strictly say not to get in, both have their own examples & experiences to share.

Even before joining, the aspirant will have a tussle in mind about all the possible scenarios. One little voice will ask “Clearing CA requires a lot of hard-work & commitment” and the other one answers
”What does not require hard-work?”.“But there’s no guarantee that you will clear”..”I will not know if I don’t try”...”You have to sacrifice so many things..festivals..marriages..”..”But that’s short term,life will be fairy tale after I pass & have a good paying job and I can live my life to the fullest after that”..”Look at your cousin ..he curses his luck why did he join CA”..”But that’s him...I know my ability..I WILL PASS”..

There are many such things which will play on every aspirant’s mind.And trust me,each one of us who join this course,we all join hoping that we will clear no matter what.One of the biggest factor that plays on the mind is,if not CA then what? Immediately after 12th,commerce students have limited option.Doing MBA sounds good but we have to wait till we are done with our bachelor’s and then there’s no guarantee of admission into a top B-school.So after weighing all the options,and taking into consideration all the probable scenarios,we get into CA with positive attitude.We are ready to sacrifice few festivals & marriages in hope for a better future.

At the back of the mind we all know that it's a tough course and 3-4 attempts will be required...the problem arises when the guy exceeds these and crosses his "Failing Threshold "limit.Time flows at its speed.When we join ,we are merely 17-18 years old and by the time we clear,we will be in mid 20s taking into consideration few failures.And by the time we realize,we feel we have lost all those golden years studying.When others were busy celebrating Diwali,we were studying,when others were enjoying Holi or IPL ,we were studying and the agony adds when we donot make it. It's a pitty that a mere piece of paper "Degree" is valued much more than knowledge.I can bet that a guy who has failed 4-5 times has much more knowledge than a guy who has cleared CA exam in one attempt.

We become depressed and curse our luck for investing so many years doing CA with no fruitful outcome. We feel we have not achieved any thing if we donot have that degree.It is basic human tendency to anticipate something in return for all the hard work we put in ,and hoping to clear for all the hardwork put in is not at all unjustified. But some things are not in our control,results are obviously one of them.Institute may have its own reason to keep the demand-supply in check, not all who join can become CA because market doesnot have that capacity to observe all the CAs.We become all so more depressed when we see someone clearing ,knowing we deserve more than that,and trust me I know people who just cleared with a fluke,so this firms our belief that there is some manipulation in results.But then,as I said,these are not in our control and hence there is no point discussing about it.Hardwork,luck everything adds up to our destiny.

Now what’s in our control. Belief in our ability and faith,these are in our control.We must never lose these.I know it is hard to digest failure especially when we have put in so much of efforts.But passing or failing is not the end of it.For all those who feel they have wasted all the years have infact invested in learning valuable lessons of life.Knowledge never goes waste.It may sound all philosophical but if we truly introspect,we will know how much we can achieve.We should not hold ourselves back.We must dream big,one failure should not stop from achieving great heights.The whole point is to keep ourselves motivated and positive. We give more than 100% to pass and get that degree.The problem doesnot lie in giving your best,the problem is giving everything.Nothing in life is certain and investing all the time studying only may be a little gamble.If we only mange to do few things listed below,it will give us an edge in this cut throat competitive world and even if we donot clear,we have something to bank upon,as someone has rightly put “Never put all your eggs in one basket”…I am not at all emphasizing to compromise on studies,it should always be on top most priority,but if only we can squeeze in few additional aspects,it will add more so value to our lives.Now someone may argue where is the time.Well,to that my simple answer is,if you cant do it today,you can never do it .One thing common between a successful man and a common man is both have 24 hours,the trick is how you utilize it and prioritize things.Few things which I would definitely suggest are listed below,how ever the list is not exhaustive,am sure there are many things which you all wanted to do but were always busy with studies and couldnot do.I sincerely want you all to step back a little and look at life from a broader picture, and never regret any of your past decisions,be it joining CA or anything else.And it’s never too late to start afresh.Be Positive and have faith.

Here’s my list of things would would give you some change & edge in life:

1)Learn about markets…Equities..Forex..debt..and what would be better than investing with your account..I donot say become a punter & put all your money in shares…but start investing..when we are young,our risk appetite is more and we can afford to experiment…but don’t start with the sole objective of doubling me..when ever this money factor chips takes over your mind and you would make stupidest of decision which you’ll regret later…invest to learn..attend the companies balance sheet..know about upcoming IPOs..this will build your confidence

2)Be updated...current affairs related to your field…world respects knowledge

3)Chose a subject of your liking and an expert in it...doesnot have to be vast & everything but be a pro in it..

4)Improve your communication need not learn fancy vocabulary...always remember vocabulary is to express & not to precise & conclusive in what you say..

5)Read good books...fictional..non fictional...anything of your helps to expand your thinking process...a good book is equivalent to 100 teachers..

6)Cultivate a habit of helps you gather your thoughts and pen them down..Journals are like time machine & 5 years down the line when you read your words back, you’ll feel proud of your self & strengthen your faith when impossible is achieved...

7)Share generates inner satisfaction & further enhances your knowledge

8)No one will knock on your door to give you inclination to really do some task..and don't expect one stroke will work like a magic wand...continuous hard work coupled with smart work does the trick..

9)Always have a backup does not move the way we want it are shaped by continuous learning and dedication..

10)Learn  something new it a new language…SAP..MS Access..swimming…driving..don’t limit your learning to books…

11)Be happy & spread happiness…help those who are not as privileged as you are…you need not be a MD or a CEO to share your career counseling for those who are’ll give you inner satisfaction

12)Do some charity..teach..plant trees..or it can be as simple as helping your mother cook or help your younger sibling finish an assignment or project work

13)Meditate…make it a habit to time with family & friends…nurture the end this is what matters..and happiest persons in this world don’t tie their happiness to money…money is a by product of follows hard work …hence always be positive & confident in what ever you do..

14)Learn a foreign language,German,spanish or any other.Knowing a foreign language definitely adds weight to your CV & advantage over others.Companies are willing to shell out extra money for that talent & not to mention onshore opportunities.

Wish you all the very best!!

The writer is currently employed with a Global multinational bank.


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Vikash Maheshwari
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