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Never Give Up while doing CA!

  Vikash Maheshwari    08 July 2019 at 11:58

Time just flies, whether good or tough. Though, tough times seem to last forever. Each moment feels like a decade. Suddenly it seems as if we are in a fast track race, a race to reach no where. May be advancement in technology or our quest to achieve bigger and better things have killed the little j..

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Sometimes I wonder , If I could go back in time, what would I do differently and make life more meaningful. I am sure many of you would be thinking about this ,specially after the exams. 'What would have I done differently?'  But then we cannot go back in time .At best we can make use o..

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Time Value of Life

  Vikash Maheshwari    05 January 2018 at 11:38

Time just flies. Whether you do anything meaningful with time or not, it will move on at it's own pace. If we simply break our life into a timeline, first 20-25 years are spent in attaining education, building the foundation for the coming life, a good character and  next 30-35 years in ma..

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Exam's Over - What Next?

  Vikash Maheshwari    27 November 2017 at 10:37

Finally, exams are over and now those who had appeared in the exams can breathe a shy of relief and take a well-deserved break. Last few months must have been a very grilling and mentally exhaustive time. Even the strongest may break down. It takes a lot of patience and devotion to hold on to the ro..

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Preparing for Exams leave you with all sorts of emotions. - Anxious & Nervous for whose preparations are not upto the mark as desired, Angry & frustrated mostly with self for not having put in enough hard work, Excited & relaxed for those who are giving exams for the first time and are t..

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Time just flies, whether good or tough. Though, tough times seem to last forever. Each moment feels like a decade. And a course like CA demands a lot of hard work and dedication. Studies have to be given upmost priority once you decide to get in and it’s not just a matter of few weeks or month..

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No one wants to be a looser. Once we start a journey, we wouldn’t want to stop mid way until we reach our destination. CA is one such journey. Most of us start with unparallel energy and enthusiasm. Very few of us would have faced failure in life until that point of time. One failure snatches ..

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1949 to Infinity - Revolution!!

  Vikash Maheshwari    22 February 2016 at 11:00

“The Chartered Accountant Act,1949”, reading this sentence itself fills the heart with pride, we had our own act even before the constitution was adopted in 1950 and India was declared as a Sovereign Socialist- Secular- Democratic- Republic with a parliamentary system of government. Sinc..

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Change is Inevitable

  Vikash Maheshwari    04 February 2016 at 10:58

“Change is the only constant”, we all have heard this phrase at some point or the other. It is a simple statement with deep meaning. If we closely look in our own lives, we will come across many examples of change, some trivial, some very significant. These changes have shaped our lives,..

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Life is no less than a battle. We have to compete in what ever we do. Darwin’s law of “survival of the fittest” can now be replaced with “Survival of the smartest”. History has witnessed battles which has been won with sheer planning & optimum use of limited resourc..

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