Certification course on Balance Sheet Finalisation

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Tips to Prepare for COSTING ( PCC IPCC & CA Final )

Prepared by : CA Prakash Somani (CA, B.Com, NCFM (CMDM), Pursuing CS)

1.    I would very much suggest referring modules as they are very good in this subject.

2.    Very important question in this subject is Whether one should first answer the compulsory Q and then other optional? It is difficult to say about it but I suggest to go for the compulsory question first as it would make good impression over examiners mentality. Note: If you are not at all good in solving compulsory Q then avoid answering it first.

3.    The main marking is at theory part so be prepared accordingly you can refer past year Q pattern and read the chapters which are more important like Marginal Costing etc.

4.    Read the question carefully before answering. If you have less time then do the question s of small size first otherwise your lot of time will be wasted in reading question only.

5.    You must know the question pattern in this subject as my time the pattern was completely changed so we face lot of diff’s. I don’t want the same to happen with so prepare yourself with all topics and never keep any chapter or topic optional.

6.    Reference book which I suggest is Paduka / Saxena & Vashist with modules.

7.    You can not better understand costing unless your concepts are clear.

8.    At exam times many students stop solving practicle questions as they consume lot of time to solve. I suggest to solve few questions of each type otherwise it will be difficult to gain confidence in exams.

9.    Generally students got frightened by the question size, never do it as the questions in costing are this type only. The solution of this type of questions is to write down important data with summary at last page of your answer sheet while reading the question, in that way you can recover the big question very easily and in time effective manner.

10.  The presentation in exams is very important in this subject so you should avoid corrections.

11.  Before answering any question you need to make a rough solution in your mind and then go accordingly.

12.  Never make hurry in this subject as one mistake may spoil your answer completely.

13.  Generally question paper go into 8-10 pages in this subject but don’t afraid as CA Inst is just frightening you by the size of paper.

14.  You have to do lot of home work then only you can excel in presentation part of this subject.

15.  Write down the type of problems you are facing repeatedly and work on that. As it is very important to come out of your weaknesses. Also useful in your long term future too.

16.  OR part is very interesting and here you can score well but normally I see that students are taking this for granted… I suggest don’t do it because sometimes overconfidence can result into loose marking or complete failure.

17.  Never hesitate to get help from your peers or study mates not even me i.e. keep your egos behind you. I am sure you got this point. If it is not applicable to you well and good.

18.  Generally in these subjects you will not get amendments very frequently so no need to worry for amendments and all.

Common Tips for all Subjects:

19.  Revision has to be done by keeping the outline of the chapters. This will make you go through them quick and easy.

20.  Take short breaks and study. Without break you can not get more output from your studies.

21.  It is not important how many hours you study; it is more important how well you have studied.

22.  Time yourself while you are studying. It's essential that you finish one chapter and take 5 minutes break to do anything of your hobby to make you fresh (Listen Music)

23.  Talk less to keep only specific thoughts in your mind as during exam time “less you talk and more you walk” will keep you charge.

24.  Don't keep your queries pending, solve them immediately (you can ask me J through www.psomani.caclubindia.com ).

25.  Reward yourself with an ice-cream or a brief outing after a good day's work. (Most liked by Members)


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