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Books to use

For Indirect Taxes use Bangar with VS Datey for reference.Do not use the mistake-ridden NS Govindan(Indirect Taxes made easy).You can pass the exam with any book but to be really confident, use Bangar and then for some portions refer VS Datey.

In the exam do no leave any question.Answer all, only then the chances of passing would be high.

For direct Taxes use a similar approach: Take TN Manoharan and Singhania.Refer Singhania for some portions and detailed information.Finish fast using Manoharan for confidence.

For Costing: Read Vashisht and Saxena, then Institute study material, one book for Operations Research(without wasting too much time) and revision test papers,costing compliers and the like.

For MICS: Study materail is more than enough but those who want to cut time, can peruse Padhuka's simple notes.

Keep an initial Target of 65 to 70 for MICS, 60 in Indirect Taxes, 50 to 65 in Direct Taxes and For costing 50 to 65.

You cna later tweak your target based on your preparation level and go ahead with confidence.

Revise as many times as possible.

There is no need to go through foreign books for Costing.Books popularly used are Colin Drury, CIMA books, Horngren,etc but examsetters know this trend and carefully frame thier own problems.

If one sticks to the above plan and works through a number of revisions and then maybe takes one book like Colin Drury and works out, it is ok.Else, it is simply wasting time.

The above plan ensures you a pass in Group 2.


I personally got the highest scores in the subjects mentioned in my range given using this simple plan.

Never discuss your study plan with friends or those who have passed also, except a few suggestions from well-meaning seniors.

Many have a perverted mind, be careful.

'Vidhyashankar' BCom,MBA(USA),ACA

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