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When you choose your career as CA, it means you like one the most delicious dish which is prepared from top grade 50 items (at least 50 careers emerge from CA profession alone; add more if you wish for your dish !).  When you choose number one career of the commerce stream  then there is no need to compare it with other courses !

I really appreciate your taste ! Other people also like this taste but this one is out of reach for them ! I have found it tested OK.

In some circumstances we see that despite using top grade materials; the “dish” is not so delicious ! The reason is - the “cook is a “crook.”


Test the following criteria : (Here “dish” means ?)

1.    Know about the “dish”

(if you like reading for whole of your life, then only this is a fit career for you; otherwise not !)

2.    Learn about the “dish”

(refer point No. 1 and write in your own words).

3.    Add your own style in the “dish”

(being a brand ambassador of the institute; regularly send your own unique ideas)

4.    Ask other persons about the “dish”  

(about the preparation and their suggestions for further improvement)

5.  Decorate the “dish”

(with new developments, amendments, modification etc.)

6.    Feel the pleasure of  the “dish”

(like after completion of an audit within a day! Nobody can wait if “dish” is so delicious!)

7.    Bill the “dish”

(act immediately otherwise customer will come back only when he feels ..…)

8.     Get Value or Forget Value of the “dish”

(forget only when not served properly and in time)

9.    Testing the Taste of “dish” is continuous

         (will you continue to go where taste of the dish was the best some times before but not now..?)

10.  Rising expectation from “dish”

         (regularly add certain values.…otherwise people will search another…..)


Wow ! So many choices ?

There are number of careers. But difficult to absorb all at one time.

When there are number of choices; many times wrong choice may lead to dissatisfaction. It is possible that  one of the best dish is placed at unknown counter although before the people reach there, more than 90% of  the “space” is over.  (Here space means ……..and .………..)

Each activities is affected by Environment. Before 15 years we didn’t enjoy the taste of Pizza !

Add so many values in the form  of :


Flora Fragrance (Natural work of Auditing -already having but fresh flowers needed),

Music (Strongly needed  to be added in CA offices – what you say?),

Get-together (Merger and Amalgamations),

Business Opportunities ( Valuation of Business or “Rishte”– by having a look at the ornaments in the party – many CAs’ are referred by their clients to find a suitable match for their children because they know better valuation of people ! ).

(A CA judge the credit of the person from the manner of payment of fee - timely payment with completion of service, without reminders and most important -  respectfully !)

One asked me how you decide that payment is made respectfully. I answered - when the cheque is not returned by the bank with some value addition (in the form of attached sheet by the bank)!


So CA Profession starts from “Engagement of Clients” which ultimately leads to “Engagement for their Clients !”

Sixer on Last Ball !


Which one dish is the most crispy and tasty ?

When it contains Salt.

Always have a unique character like Salt.  Its presence is not felt; but its absence is felt immediately !!!

So develop your personality to such an extent that …… (fill in the blanks)



Expecting your "value additions" in the "dish"  !!

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