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The dates of examination have been declared and further ICAI has declared some new examination centers also. I must congratulate the students whose cities got the examination centers recently and one of the cities is my own city. If the examination centre is in their own city then it will be great relief because the students are saved from lot of troubles of going and giving examination from other cities. Now the students whose cities now declared as examination centre will certainly get the better atmosphere to give their 100% in the examinations.
Now your preparation must be in top speed and now today I will talk to you about the mindset and spirit to be kept at right and optimistic level while preparing the examination and also at the time of giving the examination. The students who are appearing  first time in the examination are generally self motivating students but sometimes they have also face the problem of moral and low confidence because in some cases their seniors and in some cases the others give them a very wrong picture about the results of  examination. Here see I am talking to the average students who are in majority. See here in the CA examinations there are two sets of students and as I earlier told you that one set (5 out every 100) are sure success and any condition or circumstances can not fail them. Frankly speaking they might have the problem of 5% plus or minus marks but in any case they don’t have problem of getting failed.
Now the “average” students have some problem. Here see the efforts of the average students are not in any way less then the brilliant students but they have the motivational problem. When they got the wrong and tough picture of examination then they got the fear of failure and this fear of getting failed even before the examination is main cause of lower spirit and moral which is a big hurdle in success of the examination. See one student told me “My seniors are telling me continuously that why you are trying!!! The examinations are very tough and instead of wasting time here go for some other course! Here don’t go to search why they are telling so or are they right or not? But it is a fact that these things do happen and if you prepare your self with such a low morale then you can yourself imagine the direction of your result. These types of comments are not the statements of facts but they are the result of human nature.
Now how to survive? If you think in the same way as the comments are given to you then you can imagine your situation as under:-
“Manzile apani jagah hai,
Raste apani jagah
Par kadam hee sath Na de
To musafir kya kare????”
Now if you prepare yourself in such a situation and go for examination then nobody can save you. So take these comments as challenge. Every time when go for study remember that somebody told you that it is difficult and tell yourself because it is difficult hence I have to clear it and prove wrong the others. Keep your eyes on target. The remedy is:-
“More you got the negative comments; increase the efforts from your side in double volume and determine yourself to kill the examination.”
In my opinion, these remarks some times do wonders. See the examinations are just ke a wrestling bout. More one wrestler listens about the qualities of the other, he increases his efforts and practice and in the actual action the final punches with self confidence, determination and high moral will give the victory. 
So dear students take no chances!!! Prepare yourself with High spirit, with lot of self confidence and high morale and without any fear and emerge victories.
- ca sudhir halakhandi

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