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“Confusion hi confusion hain, Solution kaa pata nahin”


Exams, study, office etc. Students’ life is so busy. And this busy life doesn’t leave time to think. A lot of questions come in student mind. Sometime they get confused by the questions arises in their mind. They don’t know their solutions. Lack of proper guidance adds more to the problem.


Moreover students have not realized their capabilities and strengths. Questions related to exams, articleship, career etc. disturb them. Here a try has been done to guide students for exams preparation. Various questions related to exams and its preparation is answered in the article. Let me honour to present the question answer series:-


Question 1: - How much time is required for preparation for exams?

Answer: - Well I suggest for CA Final exams four months exam leave and

for CA IPCC exams three months leave is enough provided that you have revised course once before going on leave.


Question 2: - How much revision is required for effective preparation?

Answer: - Experts advice three times revision of course is sufficient. But I suggest always read effectively, practically and analytically irrespective of numbers of revision. There is no benefit of second or third revision if your first revision is half heartedly. It will be more beneficially to revise course once with full heart instead of focusing on next revisions.


“One complete revision of course is better than three incomplete revisions”


Question 3:- How much hours should be devoted to study daily?

Answer: - Well this is a very immature question. But students have a right to ask any questions. Time to be devoted daily is depends on anybody Capability, Grasping power, Memory and the situations.


Moreover availability of time is the major factor. If anybody has less time for revision he should devote more hours per day and vice versa. Major factor is that if you have revise course before exam leave than it require less time to be devoted in comparison you have not revised course before exam leave.


If you ask advice for a CA of 50+ age he would advice for 16-20hrs study per day. This only creates pressure on mind. Average 12 – 14 hrs study is enough provided an output of 10 -12 hours is achieved.


Question 4:- Should I go for both group or for single group.

Answer:- This is one of the typical decisions which students have to take.  


Future is fully based on that decision. Let me share practical life experience. Students do major mistake in taking decision to appear in exams. They take decisions on these bases:-

a) Decision of their friends

b) To achieve success in short term

c) Just for show off purpose

d) To counterbalance their self esteem

e) Big firms and corporates give preference both group 1st attempters.

f) Relieve themselves in one go.


While taking decision to go for both groups or for single group students ignore that factors which require consideration.

a) Availability of time

b) Preparation and revision of course


CA exams are not HIT OR TRAIL GAME. I have seen students who appear for both groups on the thought that their one group can be clear. Friends if you are not prepare than there is no chance to pass.


Also some students appear in exams without preparation because they except exemption in one or more subject. What an immature thought it is. How they forget they waste an attempt because of their immature decision.


Friends’ exams are not less than battlefield. No army can win battle without proper preparation, training and weapons. And you are going to challenge the enemy without adequate training.


Ask your self is this wise?

c) Capability and Memory


While taking decision regarding groups one has to consider its capability and memory. He have to judge himself whether he can handle. One have to consider various factors like preparation level, time availability, capacity level, health condition, family etc. CA course is too bulky and technical. And amendments, changes and updation makes situation more critical. It requires sufficient time to learn and practice. It creates a huge burden on mind. Everybody have not the enough capacity to handle the pressure.


India is a country of average student. At CA Final level my advice to average student is go for Single group. And the reason is preparation of both groups or handling both groups is VEIN BURSTING. However choice is yours.


d) No shortcut to success


People get inspired by the successful people. They want to be like that. Youths wants to be rich in a night. They never realize the no. of year’s hardwork and patience is behind their success. Nobody can be successful in short term. Anybody has to put his sincere efforts and rigorous hardwork for achieving heights.


There are so many theories on success but I want to say that “THERE ARE LOT OF UNSUCCESSFUL YEARS BEHIND A SUCCESSFUL MAN” Never afraid of failures even never think about failures. Always focus your energy and efforts towards the ultimate goal. Even nobody can win without failures and experiences.


Question 5: What should be my preparation strategy?

Answer: Preparation strategy means strategy to be adopted for preparation of exams. Strategy includes total time devoted, time devoted for each subject, Subjects to be taken etc.


Well time devoted is already discussed. Now let us talk about the subjects to be taken.


There are following combinations

1. Two subjects in a day

a) One theory and one practical subject.

b) One subject from each group.

c) Two subject from single group.


2. Single subject in a day

3. More than two subjects in a day.


Well I am not suggesting for pick more than two subjects in single day because it can create confusion and trouble. If we see psychological effect sooner you finished the subjects more you feel relaxed. But if you pick more than two subjects it creates a burden on your mind as it takes time to finish single subject.


But I advise to pick single subject at a time. Go subject wise. It helps you to dive in the knowledge of that subject. And you can prepare more effectively and perform better. However choice is yours.


Let me share practical experience. Always fix number of days to be devoted for each subject. And try to complete revision of that subject in fixed time period and if by chance some part of the subject is pending to be revised in that time period leave that portion for next revision. In next revision devote initial time for remaining portion. While making plan for revision, fix some days for remaining portion of subjects i.e. days for contingencies.


My advice to aspirants is that while revision fix two or three days for break. In that break do outing, meet relatives and friends. For effective study your mind need to be relaxed.




Email ID: gaaurav.champion@gmail.com

Face book: gaurav.krazzy@rediffmail.com


DISCLAIMER: -Views expressed in the above article are for give guidance to students. A try has been done to solve the confusions of students and guide them towards their ultimate goal. Advises and views expressed are based on my experience, failures, knowledge and understandings. Readers may follow the advice on the basis of their choice.


Readers comments are welcome and you can ask me any question through mail I will try to reply ASAP. For social networking, join me on facebook through above facebook ID. Hope my advice work and students can get benefited from it.


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