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I got this idea by reading a quotation which goes like this:





And when I gave it a thought, I found that every motivational quote certainly revolves around the concept of “Not Quitting”. Another very famous quotation of the same gene is “Failures are those who quit, not the ones who try and fail”. Again the bottom line remains the same, whether we should quit or not?

For some answer can be in positive, neutral for some and also negative in others case. In case answer is favour of quitting then the important thing is when and why we should quit and what we should quit. Rather I shall use the word “Leave” than using “Quit” since it is much positive word even if you are forced to leave something. Sometimes in life we are not sure what we should do and what not, some of us does what rest is doing, some does what he/she likes and some just sit idle and does nothing, waiting for some miracle. Leave third kind of people, I think and strongly feel that even if you are not sure, please don’t just sit back and WASTE your time.

In other cases you are atleast doing something, even if it may subsequently proves wrong, and during this time what you gain is EXPERIENCE. And it always counts. Good or bad, correct or wrong, petty or huge, experience is something which is “Earned” and cannot be gained by reading books or seeing people. It is something which is difficult to value in absolute terms. So benefit of not quitting is “Gaining Experience”.

If you can't do for yourself, then do for those days you spent/invest/wasted for it.

Choice is yours. You are pursuing anything, you have taken all the pain, it may get painful even more but still will you leave after trying so much or you will keep looking for the fruits of success. If you think you had spent what you have already done till date, you are considered fool although not as big as compared to those who think they have wasted their time.

Again we were deciding why and when we should “Leave” and what we should “Leave”. The answer is not as easy as it may look to some people here. Since no one here actually knows what he/she is upto, whether he/she is on right track of career, whether or not this path is his/her destiny, etc. When no one actually knows then what’s the benchmark. Does an astrologer will solve our problem? If an astrologer knows solution to everybody’s problem, probably he would be the richest and equally important person. But unfortunately the richest person is the one who believe is hard work and who has made themselves through this belief. By Bill Gates,

You will NOT make $60,000 a year right out of high school. You won't be a vice-president with a car phone until you earn both.

Probably a palmist may solve your problem or anyone else. One thing you should ASAP that no one in the world is there to solve your problem. You are only one responsible to make your life easy or hard or whatever you want and you will be the only to enjoy the fruits or even bear the thorns.

One way out is “Listen to your heart”. It is one thing which is always with you and never ditch at your back because it is in your front. This one small thing is so big that it exactly knows what you want from life and what are your secret desires which you had always dream of. It is one thing which knows your ability more than you. It is one thing that knows your perseverance level more than anyone on this earth could know. And that’s why all elderly and wise people who are successfully placed struggling throughout their careers always believe and say “Listen to your heart; it will never give you wrong answer”. My best findings right from my heart I always remember whenever I am down is:

Jab chahat ho udne ki toh girne se kya darna,

Zindagi jeene ka ho jise shauk usse maut se kya darna,

Bade ya choote ka to koi paimana nahi,

Sapne to sapne hai tutne se kya darna.

Everything is possible but it’s all written. Just think for a moment that isn’t everything is predetermined, everything is destined to happen, and we don’t have control over many things in life. But on the contrary we also need to emphasize on thought that what will happen if we keep believing as such and do nothing. The real way to live life is following above quote. When you wish of having something, which is very important to you, then practice and try hard enough to get it. So hard that no other person can do it better than you did, while always keep in mind that “everything is possible”. But once you are done on your part, results or outcomes are something which you cannot alter. So enjoy whatever you are awarded with for your perseverance keeping in mind that “It’s all written”. And we all know that whatever has to happen will happen but we can’t stop living that way. I always quote it as:

Jo hona ha who hona, phir kis baat ka rona hai

What’s life is it’s certain. Uncertainty in life is something which we almost everyone fear of. And we go for every possible tactic to find what’s there for us in future and how it will turn out in our life. And mostly it happens when we are done with our studies and then we prepare to take over a new life full of responsibilities. At that time our risk taking capacity is diminished and we go for easier way out or try to find what’s written. My question is even if some astrology predict your future, can you actually change it if it’s there to happen. I think the answer is no; definitely no because if it’s predicted and even if it is correct, then it is sure to happen. Can it be changed? Found this in the book “The Alchemist”---

"If good things are coming, they will be a pleasant surprise," said the seer. "If bad things are, and you know in advance, you will suffer greatly before they even occur."

The message is crystal clear. If you in advance know what is coming upfront and if it is something good, then you will not be able to enjoy the pleasant surprise of life to you. This way you lose the “feeling of achievement and success”. You will never be able to enjoy life rewards. Life would be much more monotonous and boring without having much to live upon.

On the other hand if things are bad upfront and you already know it in advance, then believe me friends, it is the worst thing to know in life. You die daily instead of dying at once. You lose daily, instead of failing at once. You fail daily, instead of failing at once. If something bad is upfront and you don’t know it, then there will some resentment and it will be same as it was in case where we know it in advance. But the difference lies in your choice. Resentment level is same, on one hand it will be a daily dose and on other hand it will be one time shock. And everyone here is mature enough to understand what they want daily dose or one time shock.

“Don’t leave, Don’t Quit; if you are alive, you have hope”.

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CA Sourabh Agarwal
(Chartered Accountant)
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