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We are entering in to lock down 4 after completion of 3 for almost 2 months. Majority of the people in the world including the Governments have now realized that we have to live with COVID 19 in coming years and this is not going to end soon. Someday or the other we have to move out of our home either for our work or for our regular deduced routine. We have to think in this direction well in advance and I think this is the proper time to plan the action of moving out. I have some suggestions to the authorities and suggestions to us for such movements. There are two objectives to plan such movements, these are,

  • To keep over selves safe from COVID 19 infection.
  • To keep others safe from us if we are asymptomatic or symptomatic case, unknowingly.

My suggestion to the authorities for first object is,

To Establish COVID 19 testing facility in nearby location. This testing center test and issue a certificate if tested negative having validity of one month. After completion of one month, the same may be renewed after retesting for another period of one month and so on. The renewal can be done from any center. This certificate can be asked for traveling in bus and train, buying medicine, visiting the family Doctor dispensary or any time, if required by the authorities.

  • This will reduce the rate of infection from person to person any only those who have such a testing certificate will be allowed to move or use public transport. This also boosts the reasonable confidence in the people who are moving out.
  • Minimal use of the public transport. If you have your own vehicle this is the time you can use them whether the same are cycle, scooter or car. You may practice maximum walking wherever possible. This has two benefits it will keep you away from infection by using public transport and one free benefit increase your Immunity to fight the disease.
  • Moving in odd hours. Avoid moving in peak hours adjust your schedule in such a way that you have to move out after 11a.m. and reach safe home before 6 p.m. For this you have to plan the work which is strictly necessary and could not be avoided.
  • Moving in specific days in a week. Plan accumulate the work schedule the same and move only thrice or four times in a week as per the requirements. Avoid going all the days; the days of movements should be kept minimum in the week. In some week you can move out for three days in other four or two days only. Avoid deciding same days in the week reschedule the same vary every week so that you may not came across the same situation every day.
  • Change the route, use of transport; if possible avoid the hot pots, aware while travelling.
  • To executive all the above, we have to decide maximum work from home and minimum work from outside. You can move only for collection of data files, one to one discussions etc. List out the things every week about the things to be done from home and things which require moving out. Reinvest the list for moving out to refined which work can be done by other means other than moving out.
  • Be confident that the COVID 19 does not dare to tough you with the hard measures your are taking for movement. Be aware all the minutes while moving.
  • Keep Hand sanitizer, soap, small water bottle in bag before begin, during travel and after you reached use them without fail. Keep all your belongings mobile, pen, cash, and card, everything in bag. When you reach sanitize the bag only so rest of the items in the bag need not be sanitized.
  • Use Arogya Setu app handy, look at the same in case of dough for the travelers around you or the person you are discussing.
  • Don’t think how ugly you look in mask, with goggles, helmets, habit with them.
  • Be peaceful, keep clam, adjustable, do not angry or rush, keep in mind that you have last change everywhere, these things will keep you safe, be alert, "Nazar Hati Durghatna Ghati"
  • Not be emotional as you are meeting the people friends, after two months avoid shake hands, hung, keep required distance for the benefit of both.
  • Follow the instructions of the local authorities; this is the period you should think that they know far more than you and having the best knowledge at present. It may be possible that the instructions might change while moving please update yourself.
  • Have bath when return at home. Give bath to all your cloths and belongings with soap for a sufficient time.
  • Last but not list, be generous provide sanitizer and soap water to the person you meet, do not assume that he might be taken care before you reach; start chat only after you both sanitized your hands sufficiently. Make him aware to wear mask, goggle, etc if he is taking the things lightly do not hesitate as this is for safety of both. Be polite to inform him to use them. You can ask him whether he has Negative certificate with him as suggested in serial No.1.
Plan for safe exit along with COVID 19

In case of second object we can do following things.

  • Test may not be the conclusive proof for a longer period, though you have it observe your selves on daily basis before moving out. If you find 5% chance of not well be flew, allergy or otherwise don’t move on that day till you are ok.
  • In case of allergy etc during the travel which is not there when you start if possible cancel the schedule and return home otherwise inform the person you meet about the allergy etc you have during the traveling, so that if he wish he should continue or cancel the appointment. He may take extra precaution after your information.
  • Though you may not be infected, if there is a case in your society, among your morning friends your are meeting till some days earlier or your collage in office not attending office since three to four days give such information according to its seriousness to the person you meet.
  • Gatherings, conferences, seminars, char groups, chambers or meeting more than four people should be strictly no, only singular or two persons meet should be undertaken.
  • Avoid the habit of calling the persons to your cabin while other one or two are sitting, you can meet each one of them separately.
  • Carry the information telephone numbers of your residence, family doctor, nearest available known person, keep the same handy, inform the same when you meet the person first time.
  • In case of doubt do not wait for one month renewal period of certificate if so issued as per serial number. 
  • Do the test again within month and confirm.

With these measures, though the most difficult one as we have never came across this during our life time, we can be reasonably safe while moving out for our office work. If we like it or not if we have decided to move out, you have to take the measures to keep ourselves and our society safe. As we have decided to live along with COVID 19, we have to be a part of his association without being him interfering in our health. You will be also assure that, with these measures along with COVID, flew, cold, cough, allergy etc has to be kept at a distance automatically and we will be safer. There are other countries like Japan, Korea etc where this becomes the part of their life and they are safer from any such human to human infection.


I think this to be develop to be our habit as a tribute to the mission of "Swach Bharat Abhiyan"


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CA Satish Badve
(Professional Practice)
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