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Dear Students,

Time is precious.Dont waste it.Be simple.In my posts you get direct information-'dilse' no heavy brow stuff because I dont like wasting my time or anyone'stime in the first place.

My achievements:

1. CA-All exams-ranks in top ten.






How could all this be possible in such a short time by me? Because Im very simple and dont like wasting my time.Im ever in pusuit of education and upgrading even while working my back off.I also like helping and inspiring all people.Currently am in India but would be going back to USA as Im working there and also am doing a Phd there part-time.

Where there is a will, there is a way.My father comes from a very middleclass(maybe poor middle class) background,Govt employee.I had to work my ass-off working in USA and studying side by side.

Now, the fruits of labour are sweet, always.

So have heart and work it out.

Since time is precious,dont waste your time listening to seniors or teachers or coaching centres which say take coaching for the following subjects:

1. MICS--Unless one is really weak in english and has no discipline to read it on his or her own.(Such people would find it really difficult to pass CA.Even language is not a barrier but if discipline is a barrier, then you can go ahead to join some other course but not CA).Study material(with scanner) is more than enough but if one wants some extra additional thing just for confidence, one can peruse Padhukas(my choice) or some other decent book.

2. Auditing--People tell me stories that one should go for coaching for this subject.This is all nonsense because the teachers only regurgitate from texts and auditing as far as exam is concerned is different from practicals(very little areas overlap).Students in their over-enthusiasm tell me all kinds of stories to support their mainline arguments.I tell them, "Ok tellme have you passed the auditing exam taking coaching in the first attempt with other exams?"(forget about exemptions).They fall dumb.I have cleared auiditing with 80% score.So, I know what Im talking about here.(That too with both groups) with purely studymaterial and one more book(in those days there qas no padhukas so i used auditing murali notes,dont know whether it is available now).

One has to be thorough with study material,rtps,past exam questions and pattern using scanner.

3.Corporate law: Some students tell they attend classes for clarifications.This shows they dont apply their brains and are plain lazy and have enormous amounts of time or dont have a goal to get a rank or the like but just to pass.

Remember: If your aim is to pass you have 50% chance of even failing

                       If your aim is to get into top ten, you have a 50% chance of getting into it and a 50% chance of passing.In either case, you pass!(I know this sounds illogical but then Im using it as a motivational phrase)

Study material, one good book(I used Taxman those days but now I would recommend Padhukas alone)plus rtps,past exampapers,etc.

Keep abreast with latest happenings with regards amendments and circulars.But dont go overboard here too.Its not necessary to become paranoid just because some says this is importan, I got to be behind this.First master basics, then jump to higher things.


                                         God Bless,


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