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The year 2004.

There were reports in the magazines, T.V. Channels, and in other media about increasing number of cases of heart disease, diabetes, and  other diseases. The number of people affected also increased and the increase is for all age groups.

The best solution suggested for prevention is CHANGE IN LIFE STYLE.


The answers at that time in my mindset about this term was as under.

1. Do minimum work.

2. Have less and quality food.

3. Take rest whenever possible.

I was unable to think beyond above for the change in life style term.

Everybody is talk about it but nobody has explained the term. I thought that it was a fashionable term used without any meaning attached to it. I had adopted the way I understand the term but there was no change in life style. The work was reduced but the minimum work still gives the same tension. When hungry the quality and quantity does not remembered. Rest whenever make me feel like lazy guy.

One fine morning, I thought ,

I had Gem.

I had exercises. Massage, sauna, steam etc.

I am doing pooja and prayer everyday. Only one thing is yet pending, let us join Yoga class.

The class is nearby, I heard about  the same since last 19 years. 

The initial persuasion to join has two advantages, namely, A walk from my residence to yoga class for 20 minutes in the morning. The only option left let us see whether useful. The class was started. Initial six months the different Aasana were taught. There after experience yourself phase started. I did various aasana in early period as exercise, then as routine. Without my knowledge, I continued the class year after year and attended regularly. After two years.2006. I thought , I understand a bare minnumum of ten percent of what was taught. But the greatest advantages are as under. I am able to understand that my mind is not concentrated on aasana, if, I missed my count, sometime do more or less counts. I missed a asana and noticed the miss after some time. If both the above, does not happened, I reasonably say I am at least know what I am doing to day and have majority of my mind behind the aasana. With self-help, self-experiencing technique, and broader supervision I think the yoga class has taught me the following most valuable things. To count the breathing and noticed the changes, try to regulate them. Sitting properly which helps to provide comfort the human body. Sleep and Stand positions. Knowing your body in parts and as a whole notice the changes. Place your mind behind the action in present.

The above basic most valuable things along with various aasana has affected a  change in day to day activities as follows:

If I am in hurry the breath count is more and I am able to notice the same.

I am bathing and think about the same the bath ends in time.

I am noticing the food while eating instead of noticing after an hour of finishing the same.

There are various positive changes I noticed now-a days, which I heard while our Parikrama daily in the class by Guruji.

If I think about the same thing continuously, I remembered `STOP`


If you have to think, THINK POSITIVE.

As and when I am disturbed about the system, behivour, and the environment around, YOU ARE UNABLE TO CHANGE THE WORLD, NEIGHTER IT IS


Though, the above changes in my life are small but are definitely a new and making a positive impact. I feel the process of learning through our special class is slow but long lasting on my behivour. After two years, I may think I have learn not more than ten percent I had taught in the class, but I know if I learn twenty five to thirty percent in this whole life, it definitely have more than hundred percent positive effect on my life style. To that extent, I now can say that I have at least know ten percent of the meaning of what means CHANGE IN LIFE STYLE. And, Thanks to the THE YOGA INSTITUTE.

CA Satish Badve

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CA Satish Badve
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