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Life is not short

Ruchi , 22 February 2017  

Take a look at your life. All the moments spent. They are so many of them that you will find yourself helpless in recollecting many. But the ones you have been able to, you will wonder about the number of things that you have been through and how different they are from one another. Few took long, others were shorter. Whether complex or simple, whether good or bad, every moment took its share of time.

Life is not short. There is a long way to go. Lots of things can be done. Lots of success can be achieved. Lots of failures can be faced. Lots of people can be met. Lots of people can be left unmet. Lots of feelings can be felt and lots of them unfelt. From childhood till today, we have done innumerous tasks and gone through innumerous things. We have become whom we are. We have become a person who does things the way we do, who thinks the way we do, who sits, walks, speaks, and react in a particular way, the way we do. It didn't happen all of a sudden. It took time.

It’s our perception that makes us think that life is short. We want to do so many things in our life which we might not do or might not be able to do. And then we start feeling that life is short. We forget about all the myriad things that we have done and that have taken so long to happen.

We think life is short because maybe somewhere we have not met the people we wanted to meet. And we ignore all those whom we have met. We have met so many people in our entire life that we don’t even remember each of them. We think that life is short to have met few people fully. It May be because the time we have spent with our loved ones doesn't seem enough. But we blame life for being short. Time crawls and time flies. It’s all in us.

Maybe this is the irony of life. Or maybe this is an excuse we make to ourselves. Or maybe its fate. Maybe it’s our failure. Or maybe its a stereotype. Or maybe it's a misperception. Or maybe its a fact. But when we continue to think that life is short, many times we restrict ourselves to doing things which look easier and within reach.

We may want life to be longer than what it is but definitely it is not short. Life is not short to keep grudges and hatred, how long will you keep them? Life is not short to give back to us all that we have given, it will definitely come back now or later, so give good whether you are old or young. Life is not short to make a distant dream come true. Except for those who lose their lives in early age. Life is good enough for us to do all that we want. It's up to us to make sure that we make use of the time. If we don’t then it will look short. So the time is now. Start now. You have a long way to go. Do everything that you want to do. Don't think that life will not be enough to complete what you start now. It is not short. It will be enough.


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