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CA Final !! Last Few Days !! Dreams coming True !!

Now there are 2 perspective of this moment and this feeling:

  1. Feel Nervous like a maximum of people
  2. Get Your Ammunitions ready for the coolest battle. And be a Champion.

CA Final Exam according to me is nothing but the ultimate test your ability to survive and perform in the hardest situation only.

It is very akin to the battle of IPL only - BEST (ICAI) v/s BEST (YOU)!!

And YOU have got the chance to PLAY this GAME. Now make sure you BE THE CHAMPION.

Now there we go, here are Top 10 Super Pro-Hacks from Your Elder Brother's side to make sure you WON this battle like a Champion:

1. Health is wealth!

Make sure you keep yourself Hydrated. Under pressure, most of us forget the basics and that has a huge cost. Never FORGET the basics. On the days of exams always keep tummy light it will make your brain work better

2. Revisions ONLY!

This is the time where we can only revise what we have learned in the past. Don't dare to touch new topics which you hadn't ever done in the past. Once again go back to all those you have studied and take those concepts to the next level of perfection.

3. Writing practice!

The exam day should only be the next usual day like other. Make sure your hands are running as fast as Usain Bolt to complete the 800 marks papers. Practice it NOW. Practice to write atleast 1 Past paper of ICAI everyday.

4. Don't compare yourself to others!

Just simple focus on your own Game-plan and simply make sure that you are more better than yesterday. NEVER ask your peers about their preparations, follow your own path of success.

5. Shifting to Summary Notes!

Make sure you have gone through all your summary notes twice and that should only be your tool for the last day of 21 hours preparations.

6. Mock Papers!

Super crucial. Just refer to it and solve only those questions which are not there in your PM and those are out of the boxes. High chances of coming to those Questions in your Paper.

7. 5-10 Minutes of Prayer/Meditation!

Prayer/Meditation is the key of the morning and the bolt of the evening. (Once you will do it , You will doubtlessly feel it) Results of it will be seen in your mark sheets :)


Make sure as soon as you get out of our exam hall, you start running at your Best Speed towards your Home. There would be a crowd of people outside there to stop you and think back, if you are stucked there you are gone. NEVER EVER discuss a single question/paper after completion of your exam until all 8 papers are over.

At 5.00, after finishing of your paper start thinking about the next paper and don't dare to think about the gone one.

9. Positivity all around you!

If you think you can do it, you can. 'In life if you want to become something, achieve something, win something then always listen to your heart and if your heart doesn't reply to you then close your eyes and take the name of your mom and dad then see you will achieve everything, everything that is hard will become easy, victory will be yours, just yours.'

10. Now finally these last days,

If you find this guides fruitful make sure you SHARE this with your best friend coz its all about Sharing & Succeeding together!

So that was from this side, my own TRIED & TESTED hacks which made me conquer the battle and be a Champion in May-2017 CA Finals 12 months back!

All the Super-Luck!


Published by

CA Kaival Shah
(22, C.A.)
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