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Job Hopping

Mitika , 06 June 2011  

"It is almost a year now... I am looking for a change.", "I will be shifting soon." These are few of the most common statements by those who are into jobs. They are dissatisfied with their present job, because they no longer find it 'challenging'. Comparing themselves with the friend's eye-popping fat salaries stimulates them to make way to higher levels in the management hierarchy. "If I have the competence, why should I not move forward "- is the attitude among young generation.

Changing jobs in quick succession seems to be the new MANTRA for climbing up the corporate ladder. But is job hopping for career advancement a mere illusion or does it really pay..? This is a million-dollar question which needs to be answered before you take any decision.

No doubt job hopping has become the latest trend today but you cannot jump from one job to another as and when it strikes your imagination. "Look before you leap" is the age old proverb which still holds true. A thorough study of the work environment, colleagues and the company culture along with long term career prospects would enable you to plan and decide your step further.  Never go for short term benefits, rather look for the benefits as a whole package.

Coming to your resume- too man jobs in a year or 2 years time can portray you as a chronic job hopper. Employers view you as a dysfunctional-restless, lacking in loyalty, trust and self-motivation. Reflection of quick moves in your resume can raise question to one’s staying capacity, ability to withstand challenges as well as accept accountability. Changing too many jobs may also be perceived as your inability to get along with colleagues and employers. A short stay at a particular job also hampers acquiring sufficient experience and skills.

Senior level executives also need to build trust and confidence which comes with years of working together. This enables you to understand that you can reply on each other and get the support needed to do the job well. Staying on in the job enables you to build relationships thereby making you efficient and effective. This further strengthens your position as an invaluable member of the organization. It is your skill with which you respond to your environment and the situations thereby making your current pasture green.

So if you want to boost your income fast, utilize your stay in the present organization develop your abilities to the fullest and learn as much as you can. This would equip you better to look for a “greener pasture”. However one thing is for sure “you can turn the pasture to be greener where you are” with the right kind of attitude and determination.

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