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There is a quotation or I should there are lots of quotations each aiming on one single thought. “You are never lost unless you give up”. Aisa nahi hai ki hume yeh baat yaad nahi ya phle kabhi suni nahi, bas itni si baat hai ki jarurat ke waqt yaad nahi aati. That’s the only reason I tried writing this one.

Congratulations to all those who cleared CA and all those who entered for such clearance. ICAI bhi badi ajeeb hai…. Aane waale aur jaane waale ka result ek sath bata deti hai. Aur baki IPCC wale to ghar ke hi hai. Unka rasta toh lamba hai kafi. And to all those who couldn’t did this time, Guys life is best when you get something through struggles. So we were at our quotation of whether to keep moving or quit. I am not the one to tell you this; I am just discussing something which might help you solve your problems. Ok for a time being, you decide to quit. Let’s forecast a scenario. After a month or two, your tuition-mates (we people don’t have classes na, only tuitions), will again go on for a big battle. But whatever, who cares, you have left it all. You are not the one to be concerned about it.

Next time you meet any of your friend, not necessarily from the CA fraternity, he/she will ask you about your coaching and preparations, but OMG, you have left it all and you are not concerned. What image the other person will create of you. Certainly a good decision maker, who reacts to the struggling situation so fast and easily quits. Or he will think you as a loser. Choice is yours. What image you carry with you is not something you achieve in a day, it is the daily decision you makes, decide your personality. This is something I keep on my wallpaper, I would like you to read and focus.

The most beautiful people

We have known are those who

Have known defeat, known suffering,

Known struggle, known loss,

And have found their way

Out of the depths.

Beautiful not just happen.

We move on further, now its time for the next attempt (ohhh sorry but its not for you, you have already left it all).  But rest of the world is busy in exams. Another block of toughest and longest 16 days of student life passes by. You are waiting of Fb chat but your friends are buys in papers. And after those hectic days, they are back with some more dreams alive in their eyes, not because they failed once, but because they tried harder this time. And please now don’t start blaming GOD and your luck. It is the easiest and most addictive excuse.

And here comes the result day, many of your friends who couldn’t clear last time are now Chartered’s, they are updating their FB status, there profile names and you are again standing aside, just the one to see. And yet again you will start blaming GOD and luck. And this story is not only related to a little exam of life but extends to each and every struggle in future. An easy route becomes habit faster, but can never give happiness. Now you will think and say only one word “Kaaaassshhhhhhh……………” Courage is not a characteristic possessed by only some, it is a choice. Many times we think that why all this is happening to us. We just keep on blaming one or other person, and mostly our luck and God, for not fulfilling our desires as soon as they are desired. But that’s not the reality.

In my views, result on same day for both CPT and finals is something related to dreams. New comers will see a dream that one day he/she will be CA just like the ones passing today with him/her. And CA’s will go on a flashback journey when they saw themselves of what today they actually are. Always keep in mind, whenever you are looking back in memories, make sure it’s worth looking into.

“A dreamer is always offended, unless he proves himself”

This reality is very sour and hard to accept but agreeable. But seriously people don’t have any idea about it. Most of the people on this earth lives life without even realizing that they can achieve something if they try. While dreaming and going behind something won’t cost anything, never trying can certainly make sure that you are already lost.

“If you try, you might loose, but is you never try, you are already lost”

I think that a person who truly pursue his dreams never get worried of due to failure as much as he gets worried of talks in his environment. “What people would think” is the biggest blockage. But just think once that “Is this your concern”. If you care for those who don’t care for you, you are bigger fool here. Only those people talk nonsense who itself had never achieved anything.

Everything has a reason behind it. If you get anything without sacrifices, without hardships, without pitfalls, you will never gain any experience and certainly you will never understand the feel of winner. To enjoy the sense of achievement, one must know the worth.

“Only a hungry person enjoys his meal”

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CA Sourabh Agarwal
(Chartered Accountant)
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