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It is a very well known fact that our outer world is exactly the reflection of our inner world. But if the funda is as simple as “we receive back only what we give out” then why there is so much hassle and hotchpotch in our lives. No doubt ,at some point of time everybody faces some hard time and struggle but if this has become a daily life routine or if excessive frustration and negativity have filled up your mind with cimmerian gloom then following tips may be of great help though not everything can be achieved in one go only.

1. Finding your feet: Every working person spends around 9-12hours/day in office. If the work is too mechanical or completely out of your interests, then high chances are there that you will feel extremely drained and suffocated at the end of the day and keep repenting the choice you have made for your life. How long you can continue like this 5years /10years or what? A whole life review is needed which will help you either to accept it as your reality and let go all negative thoughts or if you find it hard to accept your reality as the inner voice rebels a lot then have a look at how can you bring back your life on track.”Not easy? But not impossible also. Consider a long term scenario and what kind of life you want at the end? A chaotic and exhausted one OR one where you are not that much monetary blessed but you are satisfied and happy at large. Rightly said, ”Money can’t buy everything”

2. Accepting and understanding: one of the major reason of unhappiness is  trying to find “your shadow in others “.Remember ,every human being is a unique creature grown up in different circumstances and upbringing, so if you want them to behave or treat you exactly the way you want then it is not possible. Everybody has “FREE WILL". Furthermore, nobody has come on this earth with a trained mind and practiced life path, so have some tolerance level and allow new persons to enter in your surroundings and spread your social and professional network.

3. Declutter your surroundings and create space for new experiences: At times we ourselves invite restlessness and congestion in our lives. At home front, you may have accumulated so many materialistic things that you even don’t remember now ,not even the last time when you used them. So, have a look at your surroundings and find a reason of “Why you have been storing any “xyz thing” when you will never need them or  you are storing them just because 5years ago you had used it once and may be after 3-5years you may need that again..Collect and make a list of unnecessary things which may well be clothes, old utensils, tools, stationary, furniture, gift items or anything and donate them to needy. Do make sure to depart from those things which relates to some negative experiences. The more you keep them, the more you will remember those experiences and will curse the related person which may of use in present. Also, sometimes even free flow of air and energy can give much more comfort and peace than anything else.

4. Floating between present, past and future: Everyday human mind floats amongst 70,000 or more thoughts which may well be positive or negative, of present, past, future. Repenting or thinking of past won’t give any result just like excessive concerns about future. But past can be used as a learning and guiding tool whereas future for planning and adopting an optimistic approach. What is exactly in our hands is our ‘present’ only but in order to live it fully, we have to maintain our focus level. There are innumerous distracters including fear and laziness. But every moment passed with distraction is never to come back no matter what.

5. Choose your social group wisely: Remember, it is scientifically proven that every thought has a “frequency and vibrations. And we tend to attract towards people with equal vibrational levels  which may be positive or negative OR towards the people who are completely opposite because while “LIKE attracts each other, opposites do attract, this all depends on us. Many times you yourself get the idea that whether you will have positive or negative relationship with any person, in the first meeting itself. If you are a sensitive person than use your intuition and intelligence to connect with people. As sometimes a wrong selection of your circle may leave you completely drained and frustrated. But before working in outer world, you have to work in your inner world and think why you attract towards low energy people or negative minded people.

6. Connect with nature: We human beings are made up of 5 elements(earth, water, air, space and fire) and many other minerals. And the body in itself comprises of around 70% water. All these are natural resources!So, isn’t nature is our best healer? Spend some quality time in exercises, yoga, sun salutation,7 chakra meditation, cord cuttings, brisk walking in parks ,short trips in naturally beautiful places and include NATURAL things in your daily regime and connect with nature’s healing energy with gratitude. Limit the use of electronic gadgets to the extent possible. As they imbalances the human aura and since it becomes a daily routine ,its hard to heal the disturbed “HUMAN AURA”

7. Connect with your spiritual side: Most discarded area in today’s world! One need not be a saint to connect with spiritual world. Everybody’s life has a unique and real purpose ,everyone has a higher self, inner voice ,a master spirit /God /any power whom you believe. But in our busy lives ,we forget the “best guiding force". In order to be at peace ,connect with it through medititation, prayers, mantra, music or whatever way you may choose but include it in your daily regime.”Believe in the higher power” rather than believing in fears and man made techniques.

8. Experience the joy of giving: Not everyone can be necessarily be equally blessed but bringing joy and hopes in someone’s life through your efforts is amongst the most precious gift than you can get and give. Monetary help is not the only help that you can give but you can help others through your intellectual knowledge, references, guiding someone and donating the unrequired material. Every year thousands of people die because of unavailability of blood or organs at the right time. What harm does blood donation do? What harm the organ donation (eyes, heart, kidneys etc) would do you when your soul is out of your body? On the contrary ,you will receive lakhs of blessings for saving and nurturing someone’s life and true blessings really brings inner happiness.

9. Learn to give thanks and say sorry(silly things do matter): What if you say “thanks “ everyday to your spouse ,close friends and your parents who contribute a lot in your success, who finds their happiness in yours. A single sms/mail on daily basis may work magically in improving your relationships that the costly gifts can't. Every one wants to be cared, loved and respected. So ,a wise choice between rigidity / ego and fulfillment will be yours. No matter, even if you have not done any mistake but sometimes considering the other person's situation and saying “sorry” really helps a lot in keeping a relationship intact.

10. Appreciate your blessings(compare yourself with a less resourceful person): No matter how many hardships you may be facing but there should be atleast some blessings to give you some peace. Don't make lackness, insecurity ,hopelessness, guilt, anger and resentment as a part of your daily routine. Remember,”The LAW OF ATTRACTION” works very powerfully in our lives. Be optimistic whatever the situation is.

11. Allow bright colours in your lives: why does kids attracts towards happy and bright colours? Its because every colour has a great frequency which radiates your outer personality. While bright colour like green, blue, yellow, purple, pink etc will give you happy and enthusiastic outlook, pale colours will give you a depressed feelings. Not only in your dressing patterns but include it at your home and workplace also by using bright wall colours, furniture, artificial flowers, scenery, aquarium and indoor plants.

12. Don’t bent up your emotions: Search atleast one person who can hear you ,guide you and appreciate you. Life becomes quite easy when we have someone close and trustworthy. Don’t be completely introvert and disconnected. In long run, holding emotions may result In excessive stress, anxiety, depression, heart problems. Choice is yours! Sharing heals some pain and gives you relieve. Next time, when you are holding yourself for long, then don’t forget to check if you have a stiff neck, congested chest, stomach issues and back pain.

13. Allow your inner child to be alive: Rightly said that creativity flows best in childhood. When we are young, we are extremely creative, fearless and open to new ideas. What if we continue  it life long? Keep your hobbies, likes, interests, passions alive and be open to new experiences and ideas. Don't be lost in your daily issues, do something that gives you relief and inner happiness.

14. Stay away from blame games: Not everything is in our hands but what is the benefit of living as victim of circumstances and blaming each other? Swami Vivekananda, Mr Sandeep Maheswari, Mr Bill Gates, Mr Steve jobs, Mr Sunil Bharti Mittal, Mr Dhirubhai Ambani etc are all inspiring names who struggled a lot, seen a lot of ups and downs but finally achieved what they wanted to achieve. Had they continued living like a victim then probably the world wouldn’t have known them. We need not to copy someone, we all have unique journey and circumstances. But what matters at the end is how we cope up with everything and come out like a winner.

15. Restricting knowledge is of no use: Knowledge of every kind is helpful, if properly valued. Who knows where you can apply it and provide a great solution in the need of hour? Not every knowledge will give you monetary advantage but will improve your intellectual level and will give you some advantage over others. This doesn’t mean that you should aim to beat someone by gaining extra knowledge. Forinstance,what if you are a marketing or sales professional and still holds working knowledge of various regional and foreign languages?

16. Harshness and anger won’t do any good: Don’t allow your anger and harsh attitude to burn you and your loved ones. Every single harsh word creates holes in your relationships and professional circle. Consider other person’s emotions and motto from their point also and then speak something. Don't be proactive always. Once you treat a person badly then next your chemistry won’t be same with them. And they will think twice to speak to you no matter how genuine the matter is.

17. Relationships play an important role in our lives: Appreciate your relationships despite of differences. It matters a lot to your loved ones. Again don’t search yourself in your loved ones and accept them as separate personality.

18. Bitterness is a big source of increasing negativity: Try to heal bitter relationships both at personal and professional front, not necessarily to invite them back into your lives but to heal your inner bitterness.Try forgiving and forgetting them. Cut all your cords with them and leave them on their karmas/deeds and free yourself from recalling negative experiences again and again.

19. Keep inspiring and refreshing yourself: set clear vision for your life and work on that with focus. Your vision should include all the areas of your life in a balanced manner. Don't overlook the little moments of happiness from your vision. Decide what kind of life you want for yourself and for your loved ones.

20. Be honest to yourself: you can live and express yourself much better when you are completely honest to yourself and do not follow any double standards. Remember,”as you sow, so shall you reap “.If you adopt malpractices and cheat others ,then the same can happen with you and your loved ones also.


BY: CA VijetaVerma


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CA Vijeta Verma
(ACA,,job,motivational speaker.)
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