How to correct mistakes of GST challan through Form GST PMT 09?

CA Umesh Sharma , Last updated: 05 May 2020  

Arjun (Fictional Character): Krishna, many a times, mistakes or errors occur by taxpayers while making GST challan, such as making payment under the wrong head etc. In the times of strict lockdown in our country, taxpayers are already facing a liquidity crunch, and then such mistakes worsens the conditions, as payment gets blocked. What step has the government taken for taxpayers to rectify such mistakes?

Krishna (Fictional Character): Arjuna, GST PMT-09 is the form for relocating the falsely or erroneously paid GST through cash ledger. For example, if you have paid CGST instead of SGST, you can rectify it by using this form which is known as GST PMT-09. The government has now made Form PMT-09 live from 21st April 2020, for taxpayers so that they can rectify the mistakes that they have made while making GST challans. It was launched earlier, via notification no. 31/2019 on 28th June 2019, but made live now.

Arjun (Fictional Character): Krishna, who can fill Form GST PMT-09?

Krishna (Fictional Character): Arjuna, every taxpayer can fill Form GST PMT-09. It is made live on GSTN portal from 21st April, 2020. Now, taxpayers can correct their wrongly paid tax easily.  

Here, utmost care has to be taken that if tax is incorrectly utilized in GSTR-3B, then this challan is of no use. It only allows shifting of the amount of tax lying in cash ledger. Once the amount is utilized no rectifications can be made thereafter. Thus, only one problem can be solved by PMT-09, that is when payment is done in cash through the wrong head and not utilized.

Arjun (Fictional Character): Krishna, what are some important key points about Form GST PMT-09?

Krishna (Fictional Character): Arjuna, following points must be kept in mind by the taxpayer about Form GST PMT-09:

  1. PMT-09 is of no use once a wrongly paid challan has been utilised in GSTR-3B.
  2. GSTR-3B is not editable. Only the reallocation of amount in cash ledger can be done through this form.
  3. Before utilisation of any challan one can rectify it.
  4. No need to pay interest, if ratification happens later date of due date, as inter head adjustment of tax may not lead to loss to revenue.
How to correct mistakes of GST challan through Form GST PMT 09

Arjun (Fictional Character): Krishna, please give instructions and steps about how to file GST PMT-09?

Krishna (Fictional Character): Arjuna, taxpayers must follow the instructions given below:

1. Major head indicates - Integrated tax, Central tax, State/UT tax and Cess.

2. Minor head indicates – tax, interest, penalty, fee and other heads.

3. PMT-09 must be filled if any amount from one major/minor head is intended to be transferred to another major/minor head. Minor head for transfer of amount may be same or different.

4. The amount from one minor head can also be transferred to another minor head under the same major head.


The steps to file PMT-09 are as follows:

  1. Login to using your credentials
  2. Go to Services > Ledgers >  Electronic Cash Ledger
  3. Click on "File GST PMT-09" to transfer the required amount.
  4. Make the required rectifications and click on “Save”.
  5. Click on "View Filed GST PMT-09" to view GST PMT-09 that has been filed.

Arjun (Fictional Character): Krishna, what should the taxpayer learn from this?

Krishna (Fictional Character): Arjuna, the taxpayers must note that Form GST PMT-09 is only for shifting or reallocating of the amount of tax laying in cash ledger. If ITC has been misallocated and utilised, it cannot be rectified through this form. Another important point to mention here is, unless GSTR-3B is not made editable, there no use of PMT-09, as if misreporting is done in GSTR-3B, there is no way out to it.

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