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What is it? Does it really affects our lives? Is there any need to understand it?

The answer is Yes....and the reason will be known to you as you will go through this article.

First of all, let me explain you the meaning of BELIEF SYSTEM: This is the system of our Thought Process running continuously in our mind either we are awake or sleeping. This is the real state of our mind that directs us regarding what to do or I can say this system gives us the early warning signal before initiating any work that "YOU CAN'T DO THIS. SO, BETTER LEAVE IT" and in 99% cases we listen to our beliefs. Now, just see the implications: May be we are working very hard but at some point our Belief System confines us to some limits and make us realize that we are not capable of achieving that particular thing for which we are working very hard.

For e.g: consistent failures in our CA exams strikes our belief system which in turn force us to leave this course and maximum people do this but they never realized the actual reason instead they either blame ICAI or their Luck but there is a strong need to find out the reason what make us lagging behind in this race? Why we are living in a fear of getting failed again? Why we can't assume ourselves in the winning state? My dear friends, this is the BELIEF SYSTEM. We are taught by this system that we are incapable. And you know who makes this system to direct us with these rubbish statements?

Now Let me tell you that: we generally go outside, meet with our friends or talk with them on phone or social networking websites, do discussions on studies and ultimately finally come home with a demotivated mind because while that discussions, our mind got attracted towards that negativity which was actually coming from your friend's replies that he/she had completed a certain part of syllabus and the level of this negativity is at 7th sky when this reply was given by him in a pretty confident tone. Now nobody knows what's the reality.

May be that friend is lying to you. May be he don't want to discuss his actual study position or xyz reasons but you know here you lost 50% of your efficiency of studying because when you will sit again after coming back then you may not be able to concentrate properly because somewhere your mind will tell you again and again that your friend has already completed the syllabus and you are late. Even I was suffering from this same problem.

I had heard about this Belief System from a number of people having their own views but with my own experience I have seen/observed myself caught in this trap. Actually the experts who says that we should think beyond this belief system are absolutely correct. There was a time when I used to believe that I was out of my comfort zone and actually I was right because I was working beyond my efficiencies and potential. But then i observed that even I was working hard but still there were limits in the Process of my Thinking and Observing Things. I was unable to think beyond a certain level because I was having a thought process somewhere in my mind that "I couldn't do that particular thing".

The Real example of my life is MY PRESENT. My sir was writing a book on accountancy when I was in 11th standard. He told us regarding that in the class and when I questioned myself that "Can I ever write a book?" then I was like "HOW CAN SOMEONE WRITE A BOOK and SPECIFICALLY AN AVERAGE STUDENT LIKE ME?" And then I forgot the same because It was like next to impossible for me. That was my Belief System. But after joining CA, my life went on different track. There were circumstances that forced me to believe in IMPOSSIBLE FACTS about me because success was not possible without Changing that Belief System. And lots of things happened after it. My sir even after 5 yrs from that day couldn't Complete his book due to xyz reasons but till time i turned myself to a technical writer and Authored two books and so many articles. This all because I Changed My Belief System which ultimately changed my thought process.

So, You all can achieve anything that you are desiring of. You can Change the FACTS. Because only you have the power to change yourself. Try to ignore those discussions which affects your mind or make yourself strong and positive that you can turn that negativity into positivity.

Simply assume, that your friend is lying and you are still at a perfect place in that race and Remember as we are trained that ASSUMPTIONS FORMS THE IMPORTANT PART IN EXAMS, similarly, ASSUMPTIONS FORMS THE IMPORTANT PART IN OUR LIVES TOO. A GOOD/POSITIVE ASSUMPTION CAN INCREASE YOUR POTENTIAL AND ON THE OTHER SIDE A BAD/NEGATIVE ASSUMPTION CAN DECREASE YOUR POTENTIAL. Friends, Go beyond your Belief System and "EXPERIENCE THE LIFE" I hope you understood the message I tried to convey.

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