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I know that by reading the topic of the article, most of you would be feeling awkward as to why this guy has titled the article in this way. Wait. Let’s carry on reading the article.. This article is going to pre-dominantly discuss on the two 7 letter words between which everyone’s life is passing through. One is the highly toxicated word “SUCCESS” beyond which everyone is running hard and the other is the often rewarded awful word “FAILURE”. 

Everyone in the world is gifted with the same 24 hours a day. Some people accumulate their wealth and knowledge by leaps and bounds whereas others depreciate what they have in the said time. Your effort towards achieving the target is mainly driven by two factors.

1. Your strategy to achieve the target in an optimal manner and
2. How time responds to your strategy.

The first one is only in our hands and we need to simply forget the time factor. Anyways life is not about finding the Net Present Value. So we can very well ignore it. 

"Expectation is the root cause of misery", a quote which can suit at any circumstance. Here I am not talking out other people’s expectation on you. It is your perception that other people are expecting from you. Imaging that everyone is thinking you are an idiot is your perception and at the same time imagining you are intelligent is also your perception. There is no role for others to decide about your abilities. Your ability is only to be decided by the attribute you carry with yourself.

Each and every one of us would have put efforts to achieve our target and if it did not yield the expected results, it doesn’t mean the efforts we put are worthless. It is definitely going to help us but the time alone has delayed. Whether success or failure, the same should be remembered only at that moment and we should not take it to our heart. An aeroplane travels at a speed of nearly 500 miles a hour yet the passengers sitting inside will feel as if they are sitting in a chair in their home. And this is how we should take our life also. The speed/aggression to achieve the target should be retained with the brain and we should not take it to our heart.

I should say that whether the result is positive or not, the efforts to achieve the target should be consistent. The only thing is we should not feel regret in our heart at a later point of time. We will know the value of a thing only during its absence. So, the absence of success should make us to work positively towards achieving the target rather than getting distracted by losing our self confidence. And everything in life happens according to our time, our clock. You may look at your friends/neighbours and some may seem to be ahead or behind you, but they are not. They are living according to the pace of their clock. So be patient.

Let me end it up with an old yet worthy story. There was once a king who placed a boulder in the middle of the road. All the wealthy merchants and traders were passing by the road but none came forward to remove the obstacle. Then, a peasant came by the way carrying a vegetable load and he took the initiative to remove the same. After much pushing and straining, he is able to remove the boulder. Below the boulder there was lying a sack containing gold coins and a note from the king that the same belongs to the person removing the obstacle. So, every obstacle presents an opportunity to improve one's condition and let us not keep on worrying about the past.

Thank you!!

Wait. I didn’t tell you what is meant by FAIL till now. The word FAIL has different perceptions and I think we should perceive it as to “Flawlessly Ascend in Life.” 

Now, I hope that you would also agree with me :)

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