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This is quite common question in the life of most of the CA students, but very few people find correct answer for this question.

To answer this issue, it is very much essential to go back to the roots. At the level of class XII/Intermediate/PU students are able to score marks at ease and get good ranks. The overall Pass percentages at this level in any state is close to 60% or even higher in some states.

Coming to Professional examinations like CA in all the three stages CPT, IPCC and FINAL  the pass percentages are gradually reducing at every stage. There is a lot to discuss why it happens.

First and the foremost thing, our EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM. Most of the Institutions aims to secure as many ranks as possible but no one bothers about the quality of the student, very few work as exception to it, however we can count those on our fingertips. All parents make a mistake thinking that Marks are knowledge, sadly even well educated parents do this mistake. But to remind, Knowledge is much more than marks, please do remember this. Many students in CA fail, even if they have decent knowledge and vice-versa.

The Next thing is the MINDSET of the student. For passing 12th standard, just reproducing what you remember is sufficient, but this is not the case for passing CA exams. It involves a lot of application skill, where students are far behind than what is expected by our Institute. The way you think to solve a particular problem should change from level to level.

Planning and preparation is another aspect, where people do mistake quite often. If you don’t know how to plan your studies, it is just like starting a journey without knowing the destination. Some students spend weeks of time in planning and fail poorly in execution. Keep your plan as simple as possible, don’t make it more complex, and writing mock tests are very crucial.

It is very difficult for a student to change his approach towards studies, particularly when he/she is habituated from his childhood to remember something and reproducing the same. Remember guys it may be difficult but not impossible.  This is not a one day exercise, it happens only when you solve a problem by knowing the concept on a consistent basis.

Unfortunately, most of the students don’t know the reason for their failure and some of them may identify the reason but are not able to change their mind accordingly, some blame others for their failure. As a result of all these things, students are not able to produce quality content in the exams.

Please do remember one thing, only if you are able to accept your failure there will be a scope for improving yourselves. If you don’t accept your failure you think everything is correct, then the same result will continue in future.

So please think what is going wrong for you, identifying this is very critical. Focus on those, success will be yours.

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CA Uday Kiran
(Chartered Accountant)
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