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How does it feel when after a struggle of  8-10 months you get an opportunity that has the potential to change your life and which can take you one step forward towards your dream. You will be excited, will feel yourself on nine clouds,  you will study hard, party hard and ultimately will try hard to grab that opportunity right?

But what if I say that despite all the preparations, hard work and excitement exact on the day of grabbing this opportunity you suddenly lose you're confident and suddenly started feeling like that this is not my cup of tea, I can not do this.

Now, what will you do? Would you still go and try your luck? Would you accept the failure after trying or you would just walk away from the situation?

I don’t know your answers but my answer to my friend was negative and because of that, she lost this golden opportunity of her life. Just because her peace of mind was disturbed or maybe she was facing some personal emotional imbalances she lost this golden opportunity of her life. I am sure this must have happened with some of you also.

But now what? Is this end? Should she curse herself that despite great preparation, hard work, the excitement she back off?

The answer is no damage has already been done and she can’t anything about it. Now all she needs to do is to bounce back. She needed to learn a lesson from it. Know that this lost opportunity just set her to take advantage of next one.

Make this defeat your biggest strength. Some will say forget this and move forward but I will say remember this until you turn this defeat into your strength. Encourage yourself to perform better, promise yourself to do better. Don't beat yourself up for messing up. Don’t be so harsh on yourself. It is your life, you can experiment with it, at least you have not given the remote your life to anybody.

So it's ok. it's perfectly ok to fail. If you figured out what went wrong last time, then you know how to make it right next time. 

You can go where you want to go. You can do what you want to do. You can become what you want to become. You can do it all, starting now, right where you are. Make your failures give birth to great opportunity.

Make your disgust lead to inspiration, not depression. Keep your eyes firmly set on achievement. Don’t settle for mere existence and self-pity. Make a commitment to excellence

So, in the end, I would conclude by saying: "Start by changing your thoughts finish by changing your life."

Will meet until next time. Stay Positive, Stay Connected. 


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CS Aarti Jain
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