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Carelessness towards career

Be serious. Else you will feel guilty throughout your life even if you do something good elsewhere.


Engaged in other activities during preparation (Marriage, birthdays, family get-together, poojas)

All these events can be completed without you. 


Late start of study (want to become a CA just by study 2-3 months? Not possible (exceptions excluded))

Start your study from the day you register your self with the Institute. You will be losing 1 mark every day if you do not study from day 1. WHAT OTHER IMPORTANT WORK DO YOU HAVE IN HAND?.


No proper planning and time allocation for each subject

Just do not take the text book and start reading from the first chapter. Plan your subject, your interest, have an overall feel of the Book, Chapters and their importance. Do not leave any chapter in option.


Ignores study material, suggested and RTP

Study martial is bible. First read this and then if required any reference book, particularly theory subject. Suggested are very much helpful in understanding the way Institute asks a question and expect us to answer.


Casual Reading

While reading, one should not be casual in approach. Try to distinguish between similar concepts and be clear


Lack of practice

Students solve practical problems in the text book by ticking the posting. In exams we are not provided with answers which we have to verify. We have to actually write the answers. So practice in note book and ensure that you complete full question. Don’t leave halfway.


Poor Time management and confusion  in Examination Hall

Make sure that you have limited time allocated in exam. Do not start with first question or else you will be loosing one third of your time. Solve small questions first and start accumulating marks. If you feel you are not able to move further in the question, leave it and proceed to the next question.


More concentration on practical subjects than theory

We must understand that we have 50% papers are theory papers and even in practical papers, 30% questions are theory based. Learn to write short, sweet, to the point and clear answers. Try to answer pointwise. Students fail in ISCA, Indirect Tax, law, Audit


You can list out here your own reason if not included above

If you know your problem, identify the solution, every problem has a solution.

“Work hard for 4 years (from the date of registration) and enjoy for 40 years and even beyond…… what more you want…” 


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