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Hi all,

Just an odd thought came up to my mind while passing through some bad times of life. But when we look deeper into the fact, it actually isn’t that bad, rather it is better than best. This article is based on following random quotation of me.

Mana ki kismat ke aage kissi ki nahi chalti...

But dil ke aage kismat ki bhi nahi chalti.
So do whatever you feel good for you,
And for rest "dekhi jygi"

Actually while introspecting the life, one can find that why we term anything as good or bad. As far as me is concerned and after looking my nearby’s, I found that there can many reactions of different situations occurring in life.

When we don’t expect something but we don’t have any problem with it --- Termed as surprise

When we don’t expect and also don’t want anything to happen --- Termed as bad luck

When we want something, we work for it and it happens --- Termed as Fruits of hardwork

When we want something and get it easily without working ---- Termed as Good luck


And what do we expect? We expect what we dream, we dream what we want to be, and we always wants to become something different from the rest, we always aim for the highest. I found many people who say my dreams are very big, it will shred for sure. The answer I give is no one is such a fool to dream after compromising. After all it is just a dream, and why one would dream less. Does it cost anything extra to dream bigger than other?

Now when we are dreaming to be the best and the biggest, it may not be necessarily in monetary terms or reputation. It may be someone passion towards any other things. And while seeing as such, we try to compare the best person in the field and dreams to go beyond him/her and perform better.


Here lies the whole lot of problem, the biggest fatal for any person, especially student, is comparison. As a student we can understand this better that how it feels when our parents compare our performance with others, generally cousins.

This does not mean that we do not compare our self at all; in fact it is necessary but when taken in positive sense. While blaming destiny, one should focus that whether the thing they wanted and dreamt of is that easy to be achieved. If it isn’t then you have no right to blame your luck, you only have to keep the pace and try harder each time.

You need to look upon your role model, I am sure they have not attained their position easily. To take an example, many business entrepreneurs model themselves to be like Ratan Tata instead of Anil Ambani or Mukesh Ambani. Why? May be because Tata has achieved everything on own, it has better goodwill rather than Ambani’s who inherited the empire.


There can be many other situations but one thing to focus is difference occurs in our terminology and not in the situation. It is well said that time changes every second and no matter how good or bad it is; it will surely pass by.

There is no such conclusion as it always remains a burning debate but what I have understood is we should maintain a balance between our dreams and what we are in real. Too much getting to reality makes life damn practical which will be very difficult to enjoy since reality mostly hurts. And too much dreaming makes it totally imaginary which can never be turned into reality.

Keeping proper balance will keep you driving towards you life objective and also help you better tackle situation does not happen as expected.

“Being Chartered” Campaign – It’s not tough, it is just different.

Published by

CA Sourabh Agarwal
(Chartered Accountant)
Category Students   Report

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