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Do's and Don'ts on Exam day - Part 1

CA Madhukiran Reddy , Last updated: 09 April 2011  

Friends, many of us will write the exam very well and more confident about the exam but only some of us will clear the exam, what about the others? Where they lack?

Reason: Inspite of your preparation and you clear with concept, you need to do some more things before and after the examination… (These are very small issues but create a big impact on results!!!)

I have experienced the same kind of situation which I am going to share with you. Here I am sharing some of my tips on “do’s and don’ts for the examination.”


When after writing the exam, don’t discuss paper with your friends. Everybody has eagerness to know how they wrote. But that is not the correct time to discuss. When you going to discuss with your friends there is a chances of occurring two losses to you

1.      Time: It is more important, you will lose the time for preparing to the next exam.

2.      Confidence: If your friend answer is matches with your answer then there is no problem. If not, then your friend will say “Hey, you did wrong you have to do in this way!!!”. Here there is a chance of losing confidence.

LIVE EXAMPLE:  One of my friends, who also wrote the accounts exam along with me (in the same center where I wrote). She is very confident after writing exam but some of her friends said this answer is wrong and that answer is wrong. There she loses confidence. Went to home thinking that she will fail in this attempt and not prepared well for the next examination. But when the result comes “She got exemption in Accounts and failed in all other subjects.”

This is the situation which may be arise to you also, so be confident always and avoid the friends on the exam day. Who are they to valuate your answers?

Don’t Eat Jung/oil foods before one month for your exam. Eat only home food take care of health first. Many of our friends will neglect their health while studying for their exam…

Don’t do that try to maintain your health at good condition.


Don’t take heavy food while going to the exam it will cause moody/sleepy nature in the exam hall. Eat only for half stomach and leave other half empty.


Take the water bottle to the examination hall and drink it when you feel that strain or particular answer will not strikes your mind. Drinking of water will boost your energy as it results active in brain nerves.

Really if you don’t believe it. Then try it.


After writing exam come to home and relax for half an hour. Relax means please don’t watch T.V or something else. If you have a habit of doing Yoga then go for that, this will be ultimate!!!

Yoga means you need not to do exercise etc., just sit for some minutes which is equal to your age by closing your eyes.

For Example: Your age is 20 then sit for 20 minutes.

This will increase freshness of mind…


Don’t open the books of the completed exam after coming to home… If you open it just a waste of time also it will increase pressure.

Try to avoid log on to Facebook, Twitter, Orkut etc., during the exams.... Every second is equally important so don't waste single second... 

Part 2 of this article is going to deliver as soon as possible. It is going to deal with Exam day Preparation…

As usual to boost up myself I require your Valuable comments friends!!!!!

So, Please Comment if you like this!!! 

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