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There is a very nice quote in a book “Conquer your own Everest”.These simple 4 words have a very deep meaning hidden within it.

The first word is CONQUER. It does signify that whatever comes to our life, whatever are our dreams and whatever are our problems, we itself has to solve it. There will be no other person coming and say “Hey, I am there to solve your problems, please give me”. Our friends, relatives and others can just offer a hand to help during our journey of life. Everyone reading this must have read a quote “Failures are those quit”. But the question is how many have tried to give it a thought. Failure is just another part of success but what we do is start blaming. We blame everything from our environment, our family situation, our financial problem, our relation problems, etc.

Instead of finding a solution to a problem, we start finding an excuse. Why? Answer is simple. Excuses are easy, they don’t require anything else to be done and once we satisfy the user with our excuse, the matter is closed and after some time no one remembers. And this way problem stands solved. But then again we had another failure, which will definitely be due to this kind of approach; we follow same approach and find another excuse with more perfection this time. Additionally we now had a unique excuse that

“Same thing happened last time also, so there isn’t any fault of mine. This has to happen with me and I had a bad time ruining my life. My luck is never with me and it always brings me down.”

Come on friends. What is luck and how much people believe in this? I earlier also had many articles on this issue interrogating deeply the habits of people blaming luck. There is nothing called bad luck or good luck. It is just a mentality. When we want something but do not expect to have it, and suddenly we get it, we term as good luck. And vice-versa is bad luck.

If you are interested you can refer Dreams Vs Reality of life–Audit Opinion{/articles/dreams-vs-reality-of-life-audit-opinion-12067.asp}.Here,all different cases are dealt in detail.

Anyways coming back to original article, we were on word “Conquer”. By this time you might have get an idea that there is no point in arguing and supporting failures but start searching for solution. And believe me there is solution for every problem, it might not be appearing upfront but all you need to do is try and once you start trying, you will see that keys to locks are automatically coming one by one.

The next very important word or better say combination of words is “YOUR OWN”. Look friends world is changing very fast and we cannot do everything every time. We cannot play all roles at once. Now it’s time to get specialization. My focus is on two aspects basically. One is specialization and other is comparison.

Getting specialization in any specific field not only helps you attain your goals faster but it also helps in achieving them with perfection and more recognition. World today is strictly corporate and everyone corporate entity wants their personnel to be expert in their work. These people don’t want all kinds of work to be performed by one or two personnel who consequently will not be able to deliver the best in any specific field. This doesn’t mean we should get totally blank on rest rather this means that while having a bit of knowledge of all, we are simultaneously growing ourself to the perfection.

Take your time, get through to all fields if you are confused because it is better to be bit late than a wrong selection and then finally set your goals in your mind so perfectly and with that much determination that no one in this world can then shake your decision. This is somewhat real with all that “People will try to deviate you only after you determine yourself and this period will be most decisive factor towards achievement of your dreams.”

Well the second important factor is comparison. I am sure that every student has been a victim of comparison in his/her life at some point of time. And most of it is amongst our peers and that too if anyone in our family is in same line. There are two approaches of comparison, one is negative and other is off course positive one. Negative approach of comparison is good for nothing. It only helps in diminishing our self confidence, take adverse decision, shake our determination, etc. However if we are taking the same in positive attitude then it is really very helpful. Then it helps in raising performance level, producing better results and dreaming more bigger.

So the words “Your Own” has two implications, i.e. focus on your own goal perfectly and do not indulge into negative comparison.

The third word “EVEREST” need not require any much explanation. This particular word is essence of whole article and is just a conclusion of it. I meant to say that dream big enough so that others feel it impossible and you think it as practical to achieve. Heard to the quote in GMCS seminar “Ordinary approach Ordinary work, Extraordinary approach, Extraordinary results”. The main thing is how far we can imagine ourselves and how big we can dream.

If you are ready to aim and achieve big, you will definitely be rewarded if you are constantly approaching towards it. Only dreaming is not enough, everyone can dream but few can materialize it. And don’t ever blame your luck; it has nothing to do until you are ready and willing to get the fruits of success.

Some people might be depressed because they are not getting desired results,I admit it happens sometimes.I cannot write it on here because this article is already too lengthy but you may read this Bad times are good enough–And life goes on{/articles/bad-times-are-good-enough-and-life-goes-on-12275.asp} for your reference.!/beingchartered

“Being Chartered” Campaign – It’s not tough, it is just different.

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CA Sourabh Agarwal
(Chartered Accountant)
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