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Value Creation through Intangibles at 3 Levels

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Guide on MSME(Micro,Small and Medium Enterprise)

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Delhi HC rules Central Excise Duty rebate claim filed after expiry of 1 year as ineligible

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Announcing the mega plan of Banks' merger on Friday August 30, 2019 with an aim to have financially strong Public sector banks in India, the Finance Minister of India, Nirmala Sitharaman, has outlined the Government's plan to merge 10 public sector banks into four large banks.

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MSME (Micro,Small and Medium Enterprises ) sector accounts for 45% of industrial production and 30.5% of service sector.The MSME technology sector provided for at least 10 components that were used in Mangalyaan (Mars Mission).

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In this article we will discuss in detail about the Non-Performing Assets (NPAs).

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By the time the consumer realizes the problem his credit score completely gets blown away and once the same happens it' s not possible to access the credit system of the country. Know how to handle such situation.

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While the Income Tax Act is silent on the issue of taxation of proceeds in the hands of retiring partners, a number of case laws have provided their interpretations on this issue.

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Significance of Tally ERP9 for business people

  Guest    25 November 2019 at 15:21

Tally ERP9 is an emerging software for businesses that can be used by small, medium and large scale businesses. Therefore, it offers a comprehensive bunch of solutions with enough flexibility as per your business requirement.

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Are you struggling with budget cuts?

  Vishal Thakkar    23 November 2019 at 10:36

After spending about a quarter in the budgeting exercise, when you submit the budget to higher-ups, you receive a response in no time, that the budget needs to be reduced. If reduction was the plan in the first place, why did they ask you to struggle and spend a whole quarter in coming up with an elaborate and detailed budget?

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