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Fixed Asset Record (FAR) 'Is an FA register available? Does it contain individual asset level details? Can we track the original purchase records like Purchase Order and vendor Invoice with the help of the register? Does it contain Gross Block Value of the asset and the date of addition? Does..

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India's capital market watchdog barks again! The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) notified rule including probability of default (PD) benchmarks in a bid to strengthen the revelations made by credit rating agencies to improve the rating standards. The new guidelines are in additi..

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Let us start this article by understanding some basic terminologies; What is illegal money? By the term illegal money we can understand the money which has been obtained from doing illegal activities (proceeds of crim ) like Murder, Extortion, bribery, Drug trafficking, Kidnapping etc. The pro..

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When Sana started her farm-to-fork café about a year ago, she didn't imagine the enormous success her café would achieve. Since the café was going well, she thought of giving it a legal existence - getting it registered under a suitable law. She researched about various form..

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Every business requires capital to grow. Capital is the fuel on which businesses run. One of the reasons for failure of a start-up is that they run out of cash early in their life-cycle. Funding helps accelerate the pace of growth, in marketing & expansion of business and in getting the right re..

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The Secret of Keeping Patience

  Prof. Bajaj    27 June 2019 at 11:21

Ravi: Hey Niraj, I was reading about an interesting research today. It is called the marshmallow Test. Niraj: Sounds Interesting. Please tell me more about it. Ravi: This Test was carried out to check the patience level of children. Some children were given 1 Marshmallow each and were told not..

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Thinking to establish a partnership firm in India? Then you must know how to register it to get all the benefits that a registered partnership firm gets in India. Stay tuned with us to know the registration procedure and list of documents required for registration. What is a Partnership Firm Reg..

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Section 80G of the structured I-T Act by Indian Law allows specific donations allowed for specified charitable and relief institutions to be seen/processed as deductions from the total gross income. Section 80G is another way designed by the Government to save tax. 80G permits individuals/companies ..

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One of the most globally recognized sector i.e. the real estate sector ranks 3rd among the 14 major sectors in the country in terms of direct, indirect and induced effects in all sectors of the economy. The Real estate sector is an important pillar of the economy fulfilling the demand for infrastruc..

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‍‍Do not give your important study hours to distractions. Distractions are anything which shifts your focus from your goal to something less important. Distractions may come from anything or from anyone. BT it depends on us how we stop it from shifting our primary focus. In the crucial..

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