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New guidelines of SC for dealing with cheque bouncing cases

  G S Rao    05 December 2017 at 10:38

The recent judgment rendered by two judges bench of Supreme court in the case M/s Meters and Instruments Private Ltd Vs Kanchan Mehta, gives relief to accused

Who is liable when cheque is issued on personal account for discharging debt of Company?

  G S Rao    14 December 2015 at 10:41

Introduction:Recently two judge bench of Supreme court delivered an interesting judgment on offence underSection 138 of "Negotiable Instruments, Act,1881" ( referred as NI, Act) in the case "Mainudd

Listed Companies Beware of Clause no.36

  G S Rao    08 August 2015 at 11:22

Introduction: SEBI�s recent order against New Delhi Television Ltd(NDTV) for violation of Clause no.36 of listing agreement is a matter of concern for all listed entities. SEBI slapped a fine of Rs.2 crores on NDTV for its failure to disclose

Is there a shift in the recent judgments of Apex Court in cheque bouncing cases under NI Act?

  G S Rao    06 July 2015 at 10:32

Introduction:Cheque bouncing cases are once again in the news, after the pronouncement of land mark judgment, by Apex court in the case DasharathRoopsinghRath

New Land Acquisition Act - Is fair to Entrepreneurs?

  G S Rao    25 September 2014 at 11:24

Introduction: The Right to Fair Compensation and Transparency in Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlement Act, 2013(Referred as New Act) is back in the news with new government is contem

Procedure laid down under N I Act for trial of 138 cases and Supreme Courts recent directions

  G S Rao    14 May 2014 at 11:29

Introduction: Indian Banks Association filed a PIL in Supreme court for issuance of directions to all courts in the country for mandatory compliance of Section 143 of Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881(Referred as NI Act) read with provisions of Sectio

The Companies Act, 2013 - Provisions relating to contribution to political parties

  G S Rao    04 March 2014 at 11:52

Introduction: Political parties in India extend favors, for those who contribute them with hefty donations, when they come to power. Before elections donors have to keep both prominent parties in good spirit so that their future interests are balance

The Companies Act, 2013 - Provisions relating to Directors

  G S Rao    15 January 2014 at 11:02

Introduction: The Board of Directors is an important body elected by the shareholders which acts as agent of shareholders. The Board is collectively responsible for making policies for good governance and efficient running of the company. The Compani

Provisions relating to Acceptance of Fixed deposits

  G S Rao    08 January 2014 at 12:05

Introduction: Companies normally raise funds through issue of Equity/preference shares, debentures, commercial papers and inter corporate loans. Fixed deposits are also one of the instruments available to a company to raise funds to meet its short te

The Companies Act 2013- Provisions relating to dividend payment

  G S Rao    17 December 2013 at 11:30

Introduction: The word "dividend" has origin from the Latin word dividendum. It means a thing to be divided. Every investor is aware that dividend is nothing but profits earned by the company and divided amongst the shareholde