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Does your heart aspire to unleash the fullest potential of yourself and become one of the finest 'Chartered Accountant'? I am sure it's a thundering YES!! We keep upgrading our cell phones every year to have better camera, better speed, better memory and better experience. Anyone w..

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In the previous article titled “Predict your CA Results. Be an Eagle”, we learnt four things. 1) It is important to do self-assessment after the examinations and predict your results with reasonable accuracy. If predicated results are not encouraging, then it’s unwise to waste y..

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Predict your CA Results. Be an Eagle.

  Ashutosh Rathi    26 November 2018 at 14:55

First of all, I would like to acknowledge you for putting so much of hard-work and giving your best shot in this attempt within the limited time you had. I really acknowledge you for battling through so many challenges during the entire CA journey and staying focused towards your mission to add t..

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How to Bounce Back from Failure?

  Ashutosh Rathi    21 July 2018 at 12:55

You got the results and it was negative. Yes, it feels bad. It feels pathetic. It feels like being stuck in the vicious circle of attempt-failure-attempt. What to do? How to do? Can I really do it? Ab karoontohkyakaroon? All sort of negative thoughts start dancing in our heads and it’..

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If you plan to go for a week long audit assignment, do you create an audit program? Obviously!  You do it, right! Now let's just compare the size, time and complexity of effort involved in Audit vs CA Exam. It's like comparing Lonavala vs Mount Everest, isn't it? Students do plan their..

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Failure-Attempt-Failure can be a vicious circle for many CA students and it becomes quite a frustrating experience to get off from the loop. The life seems to be stuck at one place despite all the hard-work. It's like pushing an elephant. It is important to get out of this loop to create a li..

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