In the previous article titled “Predict your CA Results. Be an Eagle”, we learnt four things.

1) It is important to do self-assessment after the examinations and predict your results with reasonable accuracy. If predicated results are not encouraging, then it’s unwise to waste your two months of precious time.

2) Our mind stops us from doing self-assessment because it has an innate tendency to avoid any negative information. This is called as an Ostrich effect. Therefore, it’s important to be courageous and not letting our own mind stop us from taking the right action.

If you adhere to simple life principle I will always do what is right for me rather than doing things which are convenient for me” – you will be able to take correct, bold decisions at right time putting you in fast track for creating success in life.

3) In the previous article, we learnt about the vicious loop that many CA students get stuck into. Students lose out 2-2.5 months waiting for the results, 15 days in bouncing back, 30-45 days to secure study leave from their employer which hardly leaves30-45 days for exam preparation. This is grossly insufficient for any CA examination.

4) We also learnt that it’s important to start early with right kind of planning, right study techniques, right amount of time and most importantly confident and focused mindset.

For every student, apart from the challenge of “Ostrich Effect”; there are two other practical challenges in predicting the results

The First Challenge

The first challenge in predicting the results is to find suggested answer keys.

It would have been a blessing if ICAI would have released their suggested answers just a week after the exams get over. This could really help students to figure out their mistakes accurately and start taking course corrections and fair better in next attempt. Unfortunately, suggested answers are released just before the announcement of results.

The Interim Solution

Thanks to the efforts of few faculties that we can have access to answer keys/solutions using which we can predict our results with reasonable accuracy. The links are provided towards the end of the article.

For certain subjects answer keys are not available (especially for IPCC). For them, simply take question paper and find the answers from your study material and give yourself marks based on your self-assessment. It shall be worth your effort.

Some videos are well made while some are average. If you come across new or better answer keys, please share in comments section. The file shall be updated.

Second Challenge

Some of you may feel “How can I award marks to myself – I don’t know how examiners give marks?”

The Solution:

There will always be some subjectivity in the evaluation. However, you can be little conservative in your estimate. You cannot predict exact marks but you make judgement with 80% reasonable certainty.

After each paper’s evaluation, suggest you to invest 30 mins to answer the following questions

  1. What are the skills/knowledge being tested by paper setters?
  2. Does current study material equip me for attacking such questions in forthcoming exams?
  3. What changes do I need to make in my strategy?

These questions will help you in three ways

  1. You will understand paper setter’s mindset & source materials for setting the question papers.
  2. You can assess the quality of your current study material
  3. You will be able to identify gaps in your strategies/approach

Link – Nov 2018 Suggested Answer Keys CA Final & IPCC / Intermediate Exams

Previous article - Predict your CA Results. Be an Eagle

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