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Articles by Equitymaster

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An investing misconception

  Equitymaster    24 September 2010 at 13:45

We are sure that everyone, at some point of time in their investing career has faced this situation. You are thinking of investing in a stock, but you feel that the entry price is way too high. And, this is purely based on the absolute share price

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For those who want to invest in the right stocks

  Equitymaster    14 September 2010 at 12:38

Dividends. We don’t think there is any other concept that has lost as much relevance over the decades as dividends. Indeed, from being the lynchpin of investors at the turn of the century, most investors only make a passing reference to divide

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Posted in Shares & Stock  7 comments |   10149 Views

Midcaps: Expensive or attractive?

  Equitymaster    30 August 2010 at 11:56

The BSE-Sensex has been trading in the range of 16,000 to 18,000 for almost a year now. It is only in the past few trading session that it has managed to stay above the 18,000 mark. However, purely going by valuations, the general consensus is that

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Are there ways to gauge promoter intentions?

  Equitymaster    18 August 2010 at 11:20

Are you aware that there are around 5,000 odd listed companies on the BSE? It is one of the highest in the world. And certainly this is not to our surprise (Hence no exclamation). Indians are known for their entrepreneurship. An individual or a conce

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Posted in Shares & Stock  2 comments |   4491 Views

IT Stocks: Ready to move up?

  Equitymaster    26 July 2010 at 11:50

Over the past two years, there were many concerns surrounding the Indian IT sector. The key amongst them have been slowdown in tech spending in big markets like the US and Europe, the appreciating rupee, and the Satyam scandal. Clients slashed IT

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Posted in Shares & Stock  2 comments |   5580 Views

When will the buying opportunity come?

  Equitymaster    24 June 2010 at 10:53

Indian investors have to contend with two conflicting set of facts right now. Let us take them one by one. First is the bailout package that the leaders of the developed world used after the global financial meltdown. Basically, the governments ha

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Indian IT: What does 2010 have in store?

  Equitymaster    25 January 2010 at 11:54

The year 2010 promises unseen challenges and new opportunities for companies and investors. It is expected to be a year of significant changes in the business landscape around the globe. Well, a lot changed for Indian IT in 2009 as well. Which other

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Do promoters know something that you dont?

  Equitymaster    20 January 2010 at 13:39

The higher the promoter stake in a company the more faith he has in the business. That is how the general belief goes. The same obviously holds true for the reverse as well. And this (lower promoter stake) is definitely something investors would not

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Stocks which were the top performers of 2009

  Equitymaster    06 January 2010 at 23:40

After the collapse of global stock markets and economic turmoil in 2008, 2009 came with hope. While we did not see the stock market highs of 2007, we managed to gain back most of the lost ground of 2008. In this article, we discuss the top 5 Sensex p

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Posted in Shares & Stock  3 comments |   9336 Views

What will next 10 years bring for you?

  Equitymaster    31 December 2009 at 21:07

The past ten years have been like a lost decade for the US stockmarket investors. The Dow Jones is nearly at the same level as it was in December 1999. And since inflation has averaged around 2.5% per year during this decade, the real returns for inv

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Posted in Shares & Stock  6 comments |   10659 Views