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Again a request for all first time readers! Do read my previous posts first, before you commence reading this…


Unforgettable Moments


Katrin Mozhiye….Oliyyaaa ? Isaiyaa? Poovin Mozhi…Neerumma ? Mannumma ? Kadalinn Mozhi …………………


… “Ayyo ! Pinneyum thodanjiii” !! ... (Translation - Omg! Again started)…Arjun whispered into Maddy’s ears as I started to sing this beautiful number from the Movie Mozhi ! Those days, I was totally hooked up about Mozhi songs that I always kept singing it in the class!. Especially the song Katrin Mozhiye, kept me haunting everyday! Often, when we were forced to remain reticent in the class, it was like a holy-chant for me!!..I even had a copy of its lyrics in my hand!...Whenever the class got shifted to real boredom , I kept singing the song & at times, I was in a reverie about Anjali !!...


Apart from our Beach Visit few days back  ,  we happened to visit Spencers too !!..Again, the missing link was Arjun!..He stayed in the room while 3 of us left for Spencers. Myself being a T-Shirt freak, took some 2-3 T-shirts & also selected few for Swaroop!! We saw a wide range of 100 Bucks T-shirts which were really worth it …Maddy bought an Mp4 player !..Those days, Mp3/Mp4 Chinese players had just hit the market & it had created a huge demand!


I still remember the Mp4 player!..When I was not around, it was getting irresistible for all three of them without listening to my Katril Mozhiye Song! Lol !!:) ...So Maddy requested me to sing the song one day from their room & he recorded it so that they could listen to it all day!!...Ha ha !!


@ Mandaveli, my cousin & his wife resided … It was just around 3 months since they were married & settled in Chennai then. So I had made the decision of not staying with them even if it was just 2 Kms away from Centre & preferred traveling 10 Kms to Kilpauk …On repeated invites from her, I promised to stay at their place for 2-3 Days …Since I have been in touch with her quite often, from their Nichayadartham, I was kind of close to her…She was the nicest & the most innocent girl that I have ever met in my whole life…The 3 days which I stayed there was memorable!..She took care of me with utmost care & affection …I always yearned to have a wonderful sister like her …Nevertheless, she is definitely one person who is really close to my heart in our family….


In our 40 days of Stay @ Chennai, we faced many adventures!!...The ones, which I have written are amongst the most interesting incidents, which we all faced! This post would be incomplete without mentioning about another unforgettable incident!..


Our coaching was nearing its completion & we were repeatedly fooled by the whole Management in the name of providing good faculties , completing the syllabus on time & keeping frequent tests (not even a single test was held!!).. With just around 12 days to go & one fine evening, Mr.NJN (Chief Mgt Head & Accounts Faculty) came up with a feedback sheet having the names of all the faculties including his, corresponding to which , few ratings & comments column were provided . He insisted us to write our comments irrespective of whether it was positive or negative along with our names. He also promised us, that the sheets would be read, only by a Doctor who was his close friend & not by any one else including him …


We wanted to watch a Movie from Inox Multiplex, which was located in the City Centre @ Mylapore. So few days back, four of us had a joined discussion, but finally Arjun & Maddy backed out of the plan.. But we didn’t drop the plan.. I took Swaroop & went to City Centre & booked for Unnale Unnale !!As the Movie was doing gr8 business all over the city, we wanted to watch it badly, even if it had all new faces. …


I reckon, I must be the only person in the whole class to have commented negatively about Mr.NJN‘s teaching on few chapters in Accounts. I gave ratings which none in the class would have given … Highly Straight forward & had negativity to the core!!... After all, we all had just written 10+2 …So, most of us had a fear, that if a negative opinion was passed, it would lead to a big issue & stuff!Poor Chaps, most of them would have definitely provided an excellent feedback, which would have pleased Mr.NJN too!


Since the classes were nearing its end, the number of absentees was increasing day by day. Students bunked classes especially after the first half during the half an hour Tea Break! If my memory is correct, it was on Tuesday of that particular week that we had booked for Unnale Unnale.On Monday ,during the second half , the number of Students were all time low !..Only around 45 students attended the class & there were around 20 absentees! Mr.NJN had a session the subsequent day, i.e the day when we had booked for the Movie!! ..


Initially we had a plan to bunk classes completely & go for the movie. Since the Movie was only @ 7.00, we decided to attend the first half! By 1.40, I reached the Mansion. Swaroop had already left & he was busy eating @ HSB. Maddy & Arjun had finished having their lunch earlier & were waiting for me. Once I arrived, we locked the room & left. I asked Maddy & Achu to proceed for the class & told them that I would catch up with Swaroop & come to the class! By 1.50, I met Swaroop from HSB !..


In another 10 minutes, we moved towards the Mansion to take our respective bags & go to the class. By the time we reached the Mansion, it was already 2.10 & unfortunately, Swaroop had forgotten to take his spare room Key!..On the top of it, I kept my Bag too inside the room! Since it was already late, we didn’t take chances by going to the class & instead left for City Centre!!...Thank god! The Movie tickets were inside my wallet! By 2.45, we reached City Centre & started to explore all the shops! Unlike Spencers, City Centre was a place where Shopping was meant only for people who were filthy rich! Shops like Lifestyle offered goods @ 50 % Discount!!Unfortunately the minimum base prize ex-discount came to around Rs.1800 for a plane T-Shirt with few stripes!!!


Nevertheless, since we Indians love Window Shopping more that Actual Shopping, prize tag does not actually matter…Thus, we decided to Window Shop till evening 6.30 !From 3 P.M to 7 P.M , spending 4 hours was really a tough job because there were only very few shops inside the City Centre ..By 5.45, we had already finished our darshan to all Shops & only the food court was left. Next we went there & had 2 Coke ..For the next half an hour, we kept sipping the Coke drop by drop !..It was a big sigh of relief once we entered the Cinema Hall !..


By 7.PM , the movie commenced !From what would have been an excellent movie if directed well , it turned out to be a real head-ache at the End of first Half …Suddenly by 8.30, during the Intermission, I got a call from Achu !!.. I was petrified when he started to narrate the incidents that happened in the class …


The feedback forms had made a great impact on Mr.NJN & the single comment from a guy about NJN ,as reported by him about his class made him wild! ( adhe adhe ,its me-the missing culprit ..Poor NJN !!),..Arjun went on to explain about the tempestuous rage of NJN, which was never seen before! Statements like those, that “If NJN can’t crack accounts, who else can” etc were given in front of the students... To add on, the news of 20 Absentees on the previous day after the first half took him out of Control... Half an hour of frightening verbal action was what the whole class had experienced! Thank god, I was not there...On that particular day, the ½ an hour Tea Break too was banned!!....


Like a blessing in disguise, Swaroop forgot his key, which subsequently made us move to the City Centre by bunking the whole day’s class! If not, we would have attended the first half & bunking the second half would have been totally out of question!... By around 10.15, we came out of the City Centre... Since it was already late, we decided to board an auto & come to Luz even if it was just 1 & ½ Kms from City Centre! We were shocked after enquiring the rates from the Rickshaw guys!...Rs.40 to Rs.60, the rates kept varying ..Finally one guy agreed to come for Rs.18..Once we reached, we got the shock of our life …I gave Rs.20 & asked him to keep the change!!..But, when he said that he actually meant 80 & not 18, we were bewildered!!.... Poor chap… would have thought, that the kids could easily be cheated!


Once I started to yell @ him, sought of sullen crowd started to pull in as if some accident has happened..Swaroop was even more tensed when he saw me yell @ him to the max! Finally, I paid him another 10 Bucks & finished the deal …


The Next Day didn’t have Mr.NJN’s session! Goodness me! It was such a big relief that we were thrilled to the Core !!....The Next time I saw Mr.NJN , from mild fear ,I started to laugh suddenly… That day was really a lucky one for me!A question in Partnership A/C's was posted to the students & it was answered only by me in the whole class!..The next few seconds was the most happiest of all! Words of appreciation poured in ...I thought in my mind, “So Mr.NJN, you are appreciating the real unknown culprit!! Thank you...Lol…..”…… “You will find as you look back upon your life that the moments when you have really lived are the moments when you have done things in the true spirits.” The ones, which we faced, are among those …The Most Cherished & truly Memorable!


It was around 3.30 P.M when she turned back & stared at me for the first time! Well, I don’t wanna exaggerate & quote some romantic stuffs like in movies coz my thought process was totally different then!...Two days back, I had a hair-cut & my hair was in a pathetic shape that I was really upset & ashamed to be in the class !..On the top of it, I was wearing a shirt, which looked as ugly as ever! So the very thought of she looking @ me was un-believable...


The news of her partial staring had reached my gang.. Maddy & Arjun couldn’t resist teasing me… Arjun was laughing amidst the whole class, as if something funny was going on…Mr.Swaroop was seated in the 3rd row comfortably with Nithin ; both of them all set to listen to the class & sight @ their respective crush simultaneously! Nithin called his crush as Sania Mirza or something!. Still I wonder what made him call that female with this name!.....


I was perplexed...I didn’t know whether to look @ her eyes or to check if she was actually looking at me or someone else or was she puzzled at my dramatic change? Lol…


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