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Ist part.....

Our first day of Incarceration !!!



Got up suddenly as if there was an earthquake

Realising its still 5 am

Finished the morning chores

Standing at the balcony drinking milk

Enjoying chennai’s morning view

Paperfellows throwing newspaper

People jogging

Birds Chirping & Baby’s Smile

Finding solace amidst the stress

Alas the day starts...

As the sun approached from above & went upwards and onwards, until our car had left behind the view as we happened to see a mirage some 200 mts ahead like a mosaic, that was now on roads expanding into vehicles that were moving & heading in the mid-noon over the TTK fly over @ R.K Salai.As i caught  the glimpse of Acropolis & Music Academy ,i was awestruck !..It was in the movie "Anniyan" that i  had last heard of Music Academy,but watching it live was for the first time..Even if it doesn't form any architectural marvel ,it is definitely a place where any music lover would want to go ...


By 1.10, we had reached Mylapore tank.. As our car took a left turn crossing HSB( Saravana Bhavan) & heading towards Chitrakulam West,I  saw a huge crowd that was pulling in & out ...Unaware of what was actually happening out there,i thought some fight broke out between some political parties until i realised that Mylapore was on a festive mood. Later i was told, that a famous yearly festival named "Aruvathumoovar" was nearing & certain prior preparations were being carried out which has led to huge herd of people from all over Chennai & other places...


So Swathi had to drop me some 500 mts away from our Coaching Centre (SSCCentre) which was situated near Mylapore tank.

As if i knew the place for ages,i told Swathi to leave & promised to give her a message once i reached the Institute !!...The moment i got down,i was reminded of a similar festival ( Kalpathy Ratholsavam or Theru or Car festival ) way back in  my hometown  @ Kalpathy / Palakkad .The noise was such that i got seriously petrified because the place was totally new to me & i had to walk some 500 odd metres to reach the Institute ..!!Totally clueless about where to walk ,i moved to the side of the road & tried calling Swaroop ....After essaying for the 5th time,the line got finally connected ...As Swaroop,Maddy & Arjun was on the other side of the temple in a restaurant , i had to move alone.. Surpassing the crowd & reaching the Institute was a humongous task!! Finally by 1.40 ,i reached the destination with a great sigh of relief ..


Around 7000 bucks for 35 days crash course on CPT was what we had paid ...Thus,we had a  great imagination about the location & the classroom ambience....By 1.50 we moved on to complete some formalities like confirming the registration,  submission of our photo ,collecting some materials & finally settled inside the class...Oh!Yeah!...i haven't described the beauty of our classroom! The entrance was such that if more than 5 people stood together ,it would be a total chaos.Amidst that,we had to literally swim & do all the registration formalities....And marched towards the DEN By the time we entered, we were totally drenched in sweat !...Once we got inside, we were shocked to see the strength of the class..Some 85 students had  already  occupied all major middle & back rows ( our favourate ones)& the rest 15-20 were seated in the initial rows..We had no other option than sitting in the second row ..Finally after a brief discussion, we settled in the second row in the right  hand corner of the class ! ...The building must have been some 6 deades old & the classroom had huge pillars in between them  which would help few last benchers in the left & middle end of the class to sleep well!..The best thing about the classroom was that you don't need a heater even during heavy winter in Chennai (Heavy winter in chennai -Not even in anyone's wildest of dream i suppose!!!!)..So how about summer!Just imagine


Staring at the new faces in the classroom,

Some chatting

some sitting erect with their notebooks open waiting to note down even the “Good Morning”  by the teacher

By 2.10 "Mr.ExWhY" , a handsome gentlemen who was around 75 years old entered with a great bang

He took Statistics .As the class commenced , statistics was turning sweeter & sweeter like never before & we all listened to it with rapt attention ! By 2.30, drowsiness was creeping in & it was irresistible to control from closing our eyes.But we somehow managed to open our eyes & sleep!!As it was the 2nd bench , we were watching him as if we were seeing a docu movie in the 2nd row of a theater !An exception to it was that,this movie would prolong upto 6-7 hours without DTS & A/C & with just one intermission !!...


By 4.00 ,we saw "Mr.ExWhY" leaving the class only to see another faculty gushing in immediately ..As if our heads were chained from top , we were looking straight up to the faculty standing on the dais ! The place was new,the people around were new ...So we had no other option than sit & listen silently..Gosh man...never in our whole life we had ever pretended to be this studious in any class!!...And the worst part of it was that,we couldn't spot even a single Angel, ahead or even in the left hand side of our bench ..By 5.30 ,our Economics professor had also left...Thinking that there wouldn't be a break at all , we kept staring @ the empty dais without realising that the next half an hour was a tea break !!..By 6.00 came the Mathematics professor!..For me Maths was a nightmare in 12th...Somehow coming across mathematics in 12th itself was a huge task & now back to the square 1!Omg!..This was un-acceptable for me..But i kept staring..The faculty must be around 65 years who hated when students made noise!..It was as if a judgment was being given in the court!..Extreme silence...I still remember the day when Permutations & Combinations were being taught as Madhu kept on murmuring in my ears that he didn't have even a single clue about the subject!...


Well....Madhu was an exception in our group in terms of Knowledge in Mathematics coz he had opted for Commerce with Geography & we all had opted for Commerce with Mathematics !!....But even if i had studied Maths, i was either an exception coz my Maths sucked when compared to Swaroop's & Arjun's!.. 8.15 & the Mathematics prof had left giving us some problems to do from our material !..Our first day of incarceration inside the so called classroom came to a halt !Our necks were getting screwed & we experienced pain in every part of our body...Finally we were back to the streets of Mylapore.It was as if we had landed the place after months of long journey !!..Next, we had planned to enter a restaurant that we would first spot on our way back ...I guess it was hotel Geethanjali where we went to fill our tummies ... We ordered our dinner & went to the restroom... Minutes later , i saw Madhu weeping silently …………………


















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