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Initial Kick-off !...


Before i actually commence this post ,let me first brief you on what this post is all about !?..This is probably an example of how screwed up your life can get initially , if you are clueless about your Alma-Mater !..Sounds strange right?!....Well...this is all i can say for now...So keep reading..!


You might be wondering who the other 3 idiots are  or rather whats this all about?! .Let me start alphabetically ...Mmm.. Arjun ,Madhu ,Swaroop & myself (i.e Vignesh)...this is about us ..Our beginning into the  Journey of life soon after of  our 12th board !........


27th March 2007 .....5.00 AM !...If my memory is right , it  was platform No:3 @ Olavakkod junction where 3 parents who were supposedly getting ready ,to send their children altogether to a new city about which none of us had a clue !... As there were talks which went on between my dad ,madhu's & swaroop's ..there were two mothers (Swaroop's & Madu's) who were emotionally groaning while my mom was  busy consoling them !..Fortunately or Unfortunately, Arjun's parents never turned up to send him off or rather they couldn't witness all these..


The scene was as if a long separation was going to happen between all of our parents ...... For us it was a 35 days tour that was going to come !..Listening to few final advices ,on what & what not to do inside a train,we finally boarded ...


Since, almost 3 years have passed , reminiscing our train journey is a tough job!...The only thing i remember is....A train journey happened ....We,ate ,slept & had terrific fun altogether ~


3.30 P.M...We reached "Singara Chennai" ; all set to begin a new journey in a place which was going to decide our fate !!....While i was busy attending calls from my aunt asking her where to come & stand, outside  the station , Arjun was busy speaking to his brother (who was working in popular multiplex @ Chennai ) ...I reckon we were at platform 3 @ Chennai Central,totally clueless on where to move ?!...Finally after 15 minutes ,we spotted Arjun's brother ..Well.. to make it clear ; i was all set to move ahead & go with my aunt to their house, while the other three were set to move towards our  mansion @ Mylapore where our (CPT -Common Proficiency Test) classes was being held !...


By 4.15 PM..I had reached G apartments @ Kilpauk ...Even if it was not the first time i was staying away from my parents,this was perhaps the first time in last 17 odd years that i was gonna stay  away for a much longer period..Uneasiness crept within me as i entered my A Block No:5 of G Apartments !...Million thoughts were galloping inside me .... On one side , it was various questions like "Have i taken the right decision by coming to Chennai" ..."Am i doing it right by staying @ my aunt's place & not with my friends "....& many more...Now million thanks to Swathi (my cousin) ..She kept me going with her witty talks .It was infact not tough to stay away from parents..But ,it was tough to imagine if i was traveling on the right path..!......By 6.00 Arjun called me to confirm that everything was fine & that ,they have settled @ Mylapore mansion comfortably...Our biggest worry was that ,our classes were going to commence from the very next day !..Its been just 2 days since we finished our Board exams &  now ,back to class...the only exception being a totally different ambience..    I spent the evening watching the movie ,"Mozhi" with Swathi,Aunt & Uncle @ a multiplex ..I was totally bowled out after watching it...Back home by 11.30 ,i got a message from Swaroop saying that the classes were from afternoon 2 PM ...


Thoughts were running on my mind abt how the day gonna be tommorow as i was on my bed

Wanted the days to go as soon as possible so that i can get back home

More than going back home i was scared of this course

which has given night mares to many

I closed my eyes ....

Waiting for tomorrow to start...

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