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Hi Folks !...Sorry for the delayed post !..For all who were keenly waiting for the next post, here it is..Kindly read & enjoy !..In fact, i thought of putting an end to this story with this part ,but somehow i had an urge to write more....


The Ephemeral Joys ..


Her long hair flew softly on the slight breeze of the sunny day; her lips uncurled themselves into a natural and beautiful smile. I felt the depth, in her light blackish- brown eyes that held more secrets that could ever be envisaged. I kept admiring @ her pulchritude that appeared, as if God himself had drawn every part of her body to perfection. She had the beauty, which could only have been carved by an angel…


“My Daydreaming had not stopped for the last 4 days & I kept fantasising a girl in my lucid dreams from the day I reached this centre..In fact, I had not actually dreamt of any one girl in particular !..It was totally an imaginary one, dreaming to see an angel like one @ Insti …”


More than a week had passed after joining we slowly started getting accustomed to the place … We met around 5 Mallus one after another to expand our elite Malayalees gang !!..... Two were from Trivandrum , 2 from Calicut , one from Palakkad !..Later we understood that our class consisted of Multi-lingual & Multi-cultured people …Kerala, Orissa, Bihar , Andhra , U.P , Dubai etc !...


We also had few Iyengars, dressed in Semi-traditional attire, i.e. with Veshti (Dhoti) & T-shirt….They also had Kudumey (Long hair tied in the back; usually kept by Iyers/ Iyengars/ Priests after the thread ceremony)!! We were equally surprised to see few girls wearing half- saree!!.....I was later told that they were entrants from A M Vidhyalaya …The only school in Chennai, which followed T.N State Syllabus & Sanskrit as their language …, Admission only for Brahmin girls & boys …. At the centre, they were undoubtedly among the best students …


“As she walked into the class, I was appalled!...Never before had I spotted this girl in our class!.. For me, she was the only female who suited the description of my lucid dreams in our class…Alas, I found an angel walking in front of me …”


Back in the class, the only professor whom I liked was a person who took Macro Economics …Atleast it had some general topics of discussion like GDP, Inflation, Economic growth etc which was quite light when compared to other subjects !....


Even if we met few Mallu acquaintances, apart from few initial conversations, we had not gelled with them properly during the first 2 weeks…Oh! Yeah!...I forgot to mention about an interesting character … Rahul Bose !!...Oh! Err; I am definitely not referring to the Bollywood actor…But this guy was a replica of R.B who looked as if he was his twin brother …Till the end of our session  centre, we neither got his name nor did we speak to him, but kept on teasing him towards the end (silently!!)… !..Strange, yet true... He was an Engineering student who had shifted his profession to Commerce from Science…Mr.NJN (Chief faculty) always had words of appreciation for this chap …Another interesting person in our class was a Short 5ft guy who always sat in the first or second row!..He was one among the few people whom we always teased!..Well, we teased this guy not coz he always sat in the first or second row , but he always wore only “2” repeated T-Shirts !..Lol.. An orange T-Shirt & a Brown T-Shirt … This was alternately worn after every 3rd or 4th Day!!........We had even plans of getting him a perfume or an additional T-Shirt on his B’day!..But the irony was, we never spoke to him till the end of our Coaching class apart from some occasional smiles


“I felt a striking spark in her eyes … For the first time, had I seen a girl  who was as gorgeous as ever. She was dazzling amidst the sunrays that hit the whole class…The shock numbed my senses …Couldn’t but admire @ the subtle pulchritude of this female, much beyond what I could fathom .”


We bunked our classes for the first time after almost 2 weeks …The Day was quite interesting … My Aunt & Sister are into dramatics …They had invited all of us for their drama that evening @ T-Nagar …The play was supposed to commence by 6.30 in the evening. We had attended the first half of our class & after much persuasion, I pulled Arjun & Madhu along with us to witness the play…Goodness me; it was such a huge task to convince both of them, as they were literally scared to bunk the class. Finally, by 5.45 we reached Luz & called on an Auto to go to T-Nagar..To our astonishment, we were told that it would cost around 100 bucks to reach T-Nagar.. A big argument broke out between the Driver & me! I spoke as if I knew all the places in Chennai...Even if my mother tongue was Tamil, getting the right Madras accent was really a tough Job…I always felt the people at Chennai had a contemptuous accent, which was alarming to hear!Finally, we agreed to pay Rs.50/- & boarded the auto … It took around 25 minutes for us to reach T-Nagar amidst the heavy traffic …


After giving a brief intro about all my friends to Swathi, we entered the hall …My parents had arrived to stay with me for a couple of days ... As discussions went on between my Mom, Arjun & Madhu, we (Swp & me) were busy discussing about the events that were happening on the stage…Mr.Y.G.Mahendran was being conferred with “Kalai Maamani” award...The stage was filled with few famous celebrities like lyricist Vaali, Actor/Director Mouli & few others …


By 7.30, the play (NRI Wedding) commenced & I started translating every line to Arjun, as he hardly had any clue about Tamil. By 9.15, the play ended & after dinner, we departed to our respective places.


“She kept haunting me from the day I saw her in the class. Later I understood, that she had shifted from Morning batch to our (afternoon) batch along with her friend …Reckon it was Swaroop who found her name from the register.Well, should I reveal her name??....Sorry, no ways…For safety & convenience sake, let us keep it as “Abitha Kunjalaambal”!! Lol!...This was the name which my friends had kept for her & with which they usually teased me ...” Ok…I know it sounds really funny. So, let’s keep it as Anjali or something...”


As days passed, we had new friends roaming along with us..Zeezhan (Marwadi), Nithin (Mallu), Ranjith (Mallu), Vivek (Mallu) & Kranthi (Golti)! Before & after the classes, we flocked inside the Luz mansion & gossiped…! At times, we even studied!! @ One point we had a feeling if we had actually arrived to study or to play around coz we hadn’t prepared anything seriously!...Bunking classes were becoming more frequent ! The only exception to it was that we got separated slowly .In the sense ,if two of us happened to attend a session, the next session would be taken over by other 2 !..On Sundays, we had extended classes from Morning 7 to evening 5.30 -.6.00 ! At times the classes were shifted from SC Centre to LS School .


Apart from our first outing to T-Nagar to watch the play , we went to our old school mate, Mr.Prem’s house Railway Head Quarters in Teynapet one Saturday! The place was situated adjacent to Sun Tv’s office!..We all looked @ it with awe; it was such a huge building….


“Everyday I met her; I wanted to speak to her... We discussed all stupid options on earth to initiate a conversation with Anjali! However, everything went in vain…In the meanwhile; Swaroop had a crush on Anjali’s friend, Ms… (Errr… what shall I name?) Janitha?!!..Sadly I was on the silent track hesitating how to start a conversation with a total stranger girl!..Unfortunately, we didn’t know how to flirt!.... :(… Nevertheless, Swp was a step ahead of me. He tried all avenues to speak to her … While me, Arjun & Maddy sat in the back, this guy started sitting in the front rows along with Nithin as if both of them were too studious …”


We got an excellent reception from Prem & his mother …. As I started conversing in Hindi, his mother got even more excited & spoke for quite some time with all of us!. After an hour, we left his house & our next plan was to go to Marina Beach!.. My last visit to Marina was some 5-6 years back when I came on a Holiday to my Aunt’s place … By 5.30, we reached Marina… The excitement was huge!.. Madhu had brought his Camera …We played, ate, clicked few snaps & left! . In toto, we had sizzling fun !


This was perhaps our first & last outing “together” @ Chennai … …the coaching was nearing its completion in just 12-15 days !.. Things started to change as days progressed

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