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Error at time of verification Schedule OS Quarterly break up DTAA system calculated

if you want to best answer follow the below link



 23 Replies

Pravin Kurlekar

Pravin Kurlekar   13 September 2021

I do get exactly same message.

Update desktop Json utility from v1.0.8 to 1.0.12, no change same message validation fails at final upload.

ashok oza

ashok oza   13 September 2021

I was repeatedly getting the same error as Rocks Paras gets, as regards Dividends Incomes. Hence, I "Clubbed" dividend incomes with Incomes from OS, and filed successfully. In case of inquiry, I'm prepared to explain and justify with the reason (For clubbing) being their Software Bug. :)
George Innocent

George Innocent (Accountant)     13 September 2021

Fill in 0 wherever there is nil dividends 

Dont leave blanks in the data field

veerendar singh

veerendar singh (tax consultant)     13 September 2021

You have to give quarterly breakup of dividend income.

suppose you earned 2500 total dividend during the year. you have to furnish the amounts of dividend received in each quarter. the sum of quarterly receipts must be equal to 2500.

if you dont have adequate information about each quarter then you may enter entire 2500 in q4
Rocks Parss

Rocks Parss   13 September 2021

Quarterly income has been provided and is exactly tallying with total on entering all the errors in read disappear. Even on validation there are no errors. Then when one goes for verification this error crops up. :

"In Schedule OS, Sl. No. 10 the quartely break up of Dividend Income (i+ii+iii+iv+v) is not equal to [1a - DTAA Dividend -System calculated value at 3aii] of Schedule OS"

The system is talking of some System calculated value, 3aii and DTAA none of which we are able to understand - we do not have any DTAA related dividend, where is 3aii?  As others have mentioned some are getting the same error. This was not coming earlier when we filed returns successfully but has cropped up since last few days for us.

As @ ashok oza has said he clubbed the dividend income with income from other sources !  

Rocks Parss

Rocks Parss   13 September 2021

Still the error persisits and comes after we try verification. Not able to understand the error too - see my earlier post

Rocks Parss

Rocks Parss   13 September 2021

@ ashok oza - great & innovative - guess that's how one will have to work.

I may consider the same if the error persists for few more days.

One query though - did you have any TDS on dividends? Will clubbing dividends with other income affect and deny benefit of TDS & refunds etc? 

Shankar Rugge

Shankar Rugge   13 September 2021

Even if TDS is there no issue as in TDS coloumn we r writing Other income only.

George Innocent

George Innocent (Accountant)     13 September 2021

If you bunch the TDS IN one quarter

Calculation of 234ABC goes haywire 

Shankar Rugge

Shankar Rugge   13 September 2021

Given feedback on portal. Hope someone looks inti it. If nothing workshop out then option left is to make it as a part of other income since tax calculation does not affect and no loss ti the state

Rocks Parss

Rocks Parss   13 September 2021

TDS is anyway from TDS-2 which is each individual entry wise so there is no question of bunching TDS. IT would take it from their records & data base.

However for dividend you have to give quarterly break-up but for other income there is no quarterly break-up so if you club dividend with other sources there could be issues of 234A B C depending on timing of actual dividend receipt.

Rocks Parss

Rocks Parss   13 September 2021

Given grievance on portal and sent email too.. lets see if they act and rectify..


Prashant (Vice President)     13 September 2021

Here is a workaround though I'm not too sure of what other complications it can create.  In Schedule OS, Section 2, create a dummy entry for sub-part (f) (Amount included in 1 & 2 above which is chargeable at special rates in India as per DTAA).  All amount values in this entry must be zero.  The catch is that there are some mandatory fields like Country, Article, etc. which would need some valid values, even though the amount is zero.  Once this element is added to Schedule OS, the error goes away (I can kind of pinpoint the coding error why this is happening, based on this - something very basic!).  The worry I have is that the return will have this entry under Section 2 of Schedule OS, even though the amount is zero, there will be a reference to a country and an Article and not sure if that will create issues later.

Read more at: https://www.caclubindia.com/forum/itr-2-validation-errors-577870.asp

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