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CAs employment

C.A. Deepak Kakkar (C.A. Firm) (104 Points)

28 March 2012  

Dear All my Professional Colleagues

With due humbleness, i want to raise a question for all members:

Today, all new members are facing sttrugle to get a job, only 10-20% are having opportunity in ICAI Campus, others are trying in off campus. But true picture is horrible. Average salary a Chartered firm is giving to freshers is 20k-25k. There are some worse cases of CAs working below this amount also..now time has come to think about this situation..who is responsible for this:

increasing results resulting in more number of members or members themselves for working on these remuneration.

In my view, we should not work below a respectable remuneration..must be 25k atleast.

Only our efforts can make the picture better for our next generation members.


All suggestions or comments are welcome!!!!!!!!!!!



Deepak Kakkar



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CA. Harsh Arora (Chartered Accountant) (377 Points)
Replied 28 March 2012

Completely Agree !!

i think either I.C.A.I  or the council members can take a action but all in vain.As it didnot seems from the last 1 year that I.C.A.I or council members even think of this matter.

But, examine the condition of that guy/girl that after putting so much of hard work he/she is still empty hand or getting what he surely not deserve it. (Like getting Rs 20,000 to Rs 25000 only).

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Joey Tribbiani (fdg) (2010 Points)
Replied 28 March 2012

One of my friends was attending an interview and the majority of questions were about her articleship. She is a first attempt CA,but irregular to office and work.  2 CAs have joined my firm at Rs 15000 pm as they dont have any prior practical knowledge and also 1st attempters of may 2011. Whereas one of my seniors cleared in his 3rd attempt and he got Campus placement at 6 lacs pa. I think ICAI should do something about either scrapping the articleship fully so every1 can be on level terms or try to make it more effective and fulfilling.

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CA TARUN JAIN (Chartered Accountant) (59 Points)
Replied 28 March 2012

sure.. Agree wid deepak as even in off campus  co's are taking adantage of situation and hiring CAs at very less salary  and now salary of 50 CAs are getting distributed over 200 CAs.

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Dear friends,

Please not that the salary package and growth depend upon the experience and career you pursue. Qualification is just a passport to enter into career. later your experience and caliber matter a lot. so i suggest to choose the career in which you are interested and which has good growth prospectus, than looking for package in the begining.

Of course, dont accept offer for less than standard.. according to me Investment banking and IT has good growth

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CA ROSHAN (Partner) (93 Points)
Replied 29 March 2012

rightly pointed by Mr. Deepak....if ICAI do not pay heed to the situation, mind my word the reputation of CA will be going to like MBAs (Non IIMs).

Chethankumar T M (Chartered Accountant) (89 Points)
Replied 29 March 2012

As ICAI has Minimun scale of Fees in case of practice and Minimum CTC in case of Campus Placements , it has to put some restrictions on Minimum CTC Off Campus.

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Joey Tribbiani (fdg) (2010 Points)
Replied 29 March 2012

Originally posted by : Chethankumar T M

As ICAI has Minimun scale of Fees in case of practice and Minimum CTC in case of Campus Placements , it has to put some restrictions on Minimum CTC Off Campus.

there is no minimum fees notification as of now,it has been withdrawn.

MD.Taufique (CA,CS) (308 Points)
Replied 29 March 2012

agree with deepa,icai should do something about increasing pass %.

krishna kumar (CA Final) (407 Points)
Replied 29 March 2012

those who have already qualified may say that reduce the pass % now onward for getting them a Job.     how selfish they are!!  

the increase in pass% is because of increase in coaching facilities  for this course.  the students are trained to mug up the subject to just qualify.  some go for dummy articleship, from them what we can expect at the time of interview.




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CA Jyoti (student) (114 Points)
Replied 29 March 2012

Exactlyy iagree with all the above comments.I ma fresher chartered accountant...Not getting any interview call just because of no approach..If this REFRENCE is the criteria to be in good position or organisation ..den y CA ....long tym and no benifits...??

Krunal Raichura (Financial Advisory) (2134 Points)
Replied 29 March 2012

@ Deepak....agreed with your statistics, definitely its factual. Besides increased passing %, the overall situation of the job market is itself bad...for everybody.

And the figures of salaries which you quoted are given by ur senior members to our junior members in majority cases. So the worth of CA is decided by just another CA and not necessarily by someone who is not a CA (thought there will be many such cases too).

When passing % was low, the situation wasnt this bad. Hence, im sure you would agree that demand supply factors worked in favor of CAs.

Now when its not working in favor, as an employer, I think its absolutely fair for people to quote such figures. If they are quoting the same and also finding candidates to work at that level, why would they pay more.

Hence, like you said...collectively if all decide not to work below a certain salary level, things can be better, unless companies are able to find semi qualified or bcom or others to do the work and make some adjustments on quality either by compromising or by spending more on training and ensuring quality.


@ Jyoti....reference surely is one of the criterias for a job and has gained a lot of importance. But please dont think this is unfair. I would like to quote my blog https://krunal-raichura.blogspot.in/2009_03_01_archive.html for your kind reference. Maybe this article could change your perspective. There are some other articles as well.

And at times, even the people who recruit do not like the reference system, but still they have to consider references. This is because as an organisation, you deal with various forces in the environment. You have customers, suppliers, dealers, key employees, government authorities etc. And at times you have no choice  but to oblige them. For example if you become a practicing CA who specialises into tax. If you have to regularly deal with people at income tax for your important matters and some day one of the officer asks you to consider a candidate for articleship / job, you may (im not saying you have to, but you may) have to oblige to him. If you dont, it may not harm you necessarily, but you might loose out an opportunity to stregthen your relationships and make life easy for yourself and clients. If you consider his candidate, he may be kind enough to you someday and help you with quite a lot of things. This kind of dealing is not necessarily a bribe, but its all about relationship building. At times, it will actually act like a bribe...i.e. people have to compulsorily oblige to such demands, else they are screwed up badly.


CA Abhinav Jain (CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT) (63 Points)
Replied 29 March 2012

Pass % should never be reduced. CAs should themselves increase their personality skills to get the job. ICAI should motivate the students to have the skills required for placements...but atlast candidates should develop their own personality, body language  fluency knowledge etc etc to get the job


RS (none) (293 Points)
Replied 29 March 2012

I think that ICAI shud scrap articledhip fully because dummy students clear in first attempt and get placed in campus and students who actually do articleship properly for 3 yrs even at a small firm are not considered if they are not first attempters. I am seriously irritated by the campus placement this time. i know so many ppl who have no idea abt what articleship is like and hv been shortlisted.

why does attempt matter?? everybody is a CA and shud be treated as such. until and unless ICAI drop this whole attempt thing, the companies will also keep considering it. 

and the % of CAs were so much more than last year but there is no improvement in CAMPUS.its as if ICAI does nt even bother to improve the placement. Today i am seriously disappointed that i chose CA as a profession.

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Ankur Garg (Company Secretary and Compliance Officer)   (114654 Points)
Replied 29 March 2012

Dear All,


I know these days the fever and pressure of unemployment is much more than the happiness of getting ICAI or ICSI membership or clearing examinations.sad I think please give some time to yourself and just clear your vision about what you want to do in future. Kindly appreciate no degree or qualification can give you job guarantee.enlightened


You may find lots of people around you without super wonderful qualification but still they are doing well with their hard work and sincerity. So the most important thing is hard work and zeal to succeed in life.yes You are lucky as you got such wonderful qualification so never lose positivity and keep your hopes and attitude alive.smiley  


If you work hard, give it time, and don't give up, things will always get better. Oftentimes our dreams lie in wait just a little further upstream... all we need is the courage to push beyond the river.enlightenedyes


Best Regards

Ankur Garg


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